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Hello StudioAtHome users,

About Me:
My name's Keith(Paolino is my handle and late GrandFather's name), and I am a desperate, drowning, amatuer producer. :) I have been a percussionist for half of my life now. (15 years) [wow] both playing and teaching.

I started beat boxing to some of my friends' lyrical flows after a while, and moved on to cheap software. After I felt limited, I went to the other extreme, and now I am learning VERY slowly now. lol
I bought a Roland MC-909 which I LOVE to make music with, but I am not very technical when it comes to reading these manuals that, frankly are above my level(ADHD I think), so I cannot get the patterns off of my 909 and on to my computer. :) BUT, I am very happy to finally find a group like this to share what very little knowledge I do have, but mostly to soak up ALL the rest that I do not. :)

Cheers and see you around the forums!
Welcome onboard. Feel free to share your music with the forum members.