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Thread yes! i am the new guy that wants to pick your brains.

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1 yes! i am the new guy that wants to pick your brains.
I have a small studio set up in my back bedroom. Dell computer, acid 3.0, sound forge5.0, cd architec, sound max sound card - 16 bit, event tuned reference 6 monitors. I am a singer,songwriter,guitarist,bla,bla,bla,bla. My question is about my sound card. if i were to get an audiophile 24/96 or something along that line. would i be able to hear a big difference in my recordings?
thanks in advance.
I'm not familiar with the soundcard you currently have, but I know the Audiophile sounds good. All the MAudio stuff does. I would bet that you will hear some improvement. A big improvement? That's hard to say without hearing what you're doing already.

So far as 24 bit vs 16 bit goes, yes, I do hear a difference. It's not huge, but it is there. 24 bit sound has a more "open" quality to it and it sounds like it has better "breath" on the high end.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
thanks axeman for the information. a sound card is next on the list of things needed for the studio. but first i have to buy silly stuff like food and water, roof over our heads. ya'know stuff like that.
how do you like the radio nowhrere deal?do you get a lot of listens? having your music on the web is cool, but does it mess up your performing rights affiliat? are you affiliated with a performing rights organization like bmi or ascap.........?
oh yeah tried to hear your songs, but had no success. my real player kept saying "ran out of memory".
psalms 118:14. newguy. :D
Huh? Don't know why it would do that.....

No problems with Nowhereradio, but, then, that's because I don't really care about the tunes. They don't belong to me anyway.......

And keeping a roof over you head is a good thing. It'll help keep your studio dry...... :lol:

If you're into Christian music (or, like me, are a Christian who is into music), you should check out the Christain Musician Forum- it's pretty cool. I'm a regular over there as well.

The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
thanks for the tip axeman, i'll check out the christian musician forum. i sometimes go to another forum called "worship together.com". they have some interesting conversation there.
i noticed you enjoy the sound and feel of a nice stratocaster, in my opinion the single most versitile guitar in the world. i also have two, a forty year anniversary, and (my fav) a 1973, three bolt neck strat i have had for many years.
i am interested in publishing to the web, the music that God has allowed me to produce in hope that someone may hear and want to know more about the God of our fathers. i also like the edification of the saints upon accasion. wow,"edification", nice church word.
any advice would be helpful. thanks in advance. new guy.
The major difference is when you record at 24/96, you have more head room to mix since your final product will most likely be a CD which is stuck at 16/44.1. You should also take some of the strain off of your CPU buy using any pro or semi-pro audio interface, so everything should run much smoother during your recording process. 8)