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Thread Howdy!!

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1 Howdy!!

Just thought I'd take a sec and introduce myself. My name is Mike. I'm a guitar/bass player from Atlanta. I play mostly blues/classic rock stuff. Been playing for 30 years, and writing and recording for about 15 years. I gig with a local blues band, and I lead worship in a biker church on Sundays.

I have a small PC based project studio set up in my basement, and I've completed one CD there and am currently working on a second one. You can see pics of the studio and the gear list on the website in my sig line. The whole first CD is available there, too.The 2 cuts I have finished off the second CD are here: https://www.nowhereradio.com/artists/album.php?aid=3551&alid=-1

This looks like a cool forum- I love recording, so I hope to have a good time here!! 8)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Hi and welcome to the board,
I checked out you website and you have a nice recording set-up. I'm in the market for a new soundcard and the Delta 1010 is one of the choices I'm considering. Are you happy with it?

I also listened to one of your songs. Cool blues/rock sound!
Thanks, Gawain!!

I've been very happy with the 1010. Sounds good, easy to use. Switchable for -10 or +4 inputs. Does just what it's supposed to- no issues. The early models had some capacitor issues and were prone to failure. Mine died and MAudio turned it around for free in less that 2 weeks even though the warrenty was up. The newer units don't have this problem.

I think it is way at the top of the bang for the buck category!!! ;)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I have been playing now over 40 years, train in classical for ten years and attended Columbia school of music, in NY. I was on the road with Billy Joel and also worked with Ira Newbown on soundtracks. I own a custon Washburn , A Jackson, a Les Paul and a sweet sounding Tocoma
I use a PV surpreme head with a fender DT4x12 cabinet. My rack has a furmen, TC G major, Sansamp, and Korg strobe tuner. I am a current studio musicain as well as a pvt. instuctor. Damn almost forgot my name is Vic 8)