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Thread Looking for knowledge on studio setup

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1 Looking for knowledge on studio setup
Hi People,

I am about to go and spend a few grand on instruments and software so I can make some House/Trance tunes.

I need to know what's available and what is the best startup kit.

Thanks dudes,

You need to put your hands on real, tangible equipment. If you are anywhere near a good music store, visit it. If you're in the US and are anywhere near a Guitar Center, you will have more ways than you can imagine to separate yourself from your green. Fun! If you are at square one, go to an Apple store and look at their G4 iBooks designed to work with all the quality software. Digidesign is responsible for the audio in the new Macs: CoreAudio. The better audio stores are now dealers for iBooks, and other good computer equipment.
protools for recording (high learning curve though) about $2100 fast pc $1500 go to ebay for a lot of cool stuff used, especilly the guitars!