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Thread Sarting a business

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1 Sarting a business
Hi all,
I am a sound Major at ColumbiaCollege Chicago. This is my first year, but I have had a home studio of sorts for three years now. My time to time profits have allowed me to upgrade to a PowerBook G4 1ghrz with 1.5Gb sddram and lots of external space. So with the help of my roomate I have decided to start an official home studio called 11:11 Studio. I'm not trying to be pretencouse (especialy becuase I can't spell) becuase I know lots of you are real pros in your craft, but just to let you guys know what I'm about : I've won two awards for my sound design bothh proffessional shows. I've curently done sound design for Nine profesional shows and I have been at the controlls for front house gigs since I was nine. My favorite sound experiance has been being at the baord for "Mama Mia" on broadway. I am very passionate about sound & if I can help anyone out thats wonderful. However I have a billion questions myself for the veterans. So I'm looking fowered to getting to know as many of you as possible