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Thread Newbie: Getting a Computer

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1 Newbie: Getting a Computer
Hello there, I'm a highschool student that's extremely interested in music production. I'm around some of my friends bands and some friend's little shack studios and this and that. BUt i'd like to start my own thing to just get familiar with it now.
I've saved up the money, now i just need to be positive on what my product is. I figured getting a computer from Dell would be a good place for the pc, but what to put in it and what kind is not my area of expertise.
I've concluded a Sound Blaster audigy 2 sound card, penitium 4, lots of RAM... and some other things, but here: what other specifics should i be looking for and asking for in doing this???
i really appreciate the help... thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

We already have some informations on the forum:


Just take a look at these pages, and if you have other question, do not hesitate to ask ;-)