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1 Hey
My name is Greg. I've been playing guitar since 1964 (man, I'm old). I first picked it up because I wanted to be a Beatle. So I was into rock - Beatles, Cream...the usual from the 60's. Then I heard Moby Grape's Grape Jam, and that put me in a different musical direction. I started to lean more towards jazz. I later started to listen to George Benson, Pat Martino....and Frank Zappa.
I used to play in bands throughout the 70's. We played Zappa, Gino Vannelli, Toto, Boz Scaggs, and lots of original songs. In 1980 I met a girl, we got married in '81, and I quit music for about 20 years. Then in December of 2000 I picked up a Washburn Nuno on eBay for $100.
And from there it all just snowballed. Now I have 2 amps (a Peavey Classic 50 410 and a Peavey Prowler) and 4 guitars (an Epiphone EJ200 acoustic, the Washburn Nuno, a Fender strat with a maple neck, and an Ibanez AS80 semi-hollowbody). The electric guitars have Bill Lawrence pickups, except for the Ibanez. It has a Seymour Duncan '59 in the neck, and a JB in the bridge.
I also own a Yamaha PSR550 keyboard. I've never played keyboards. But since I don't know a good piano player, I learned out of necessity.
For just over a year I have been recording at home on my computer, using Sonar XL with an Aardvark interface.
Last year I finished my first CD that's light jazz, blues, R&B with some classical. I am currently finishing up my second CD.