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Thread I'm finally ready to record...help is appreciated!

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1 I'm finally ready to record...help is appreciated!

It's official, I think I'm ready for some decent recording. Here is what I'm working with:

Computer- Dell Demension 4600, 512MB dual channel RAM, 80 gig hard drive, Pent. 4 2.6 gig hyper-threading processor, 128MB video card, delta 44 soundcard, n-track studio recording software (I have downloaded a ton of plug-in effects)

Rack Gear- Behringer Composer Pro Compressor, Behringer Mic2200 Preamp, Behringer HA4700 Headphone Amp, Alesis MEQ 230 EQ.

I've acquired most of this gear after upgrades from my live sound system. I'm not a sound engineer, just a drummer! But I've always ran sound for my band, do it occasionally on the side, and have done a little recording in the past. I've also been in the studio a buch, so, I'm not totally new to this stuff, but very new to home recording where I'm in charge.

Right now I've got my computer all set up to the best of my knowledge: Preamp to Compressor to Delta ins 1&2. Delta outs 1&2 to headphone amp ins...paralleled main outputs to my monitors. Don't really know where the eq should come in?

If anyone has any tips for set up, home recording in general, or anything else someone new to the scene should know I would really appreciate the help. That's why I joined the site!

Thanks to all in advance for your help and input!