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Thread Free Sex, Money and Drugs

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1 Free Sex, Money and Drugs
Sup' Y'all? I stumbled accross this site searching for some info on a MOD-Filter. I know this dude who pressed a sweet piece o' vinyl - (Dj Ali - That's the Break - Deepen discs #4) and he said he used a Mod filter innit over a vocal to get that result. I'm interested in tweakin' sounds like that.

I've been spinning for 10 years, producing for 3 years (2 of them stuck).

As for writing, I am into wrinting the house-tech-trance-ish stuff, but would like to expand my horizons incorporating a more organic sound to electronic music.

My Studio is comprised of:

2 gig intel 4 processor -512 ram
RME digi 96/8 soundcard
Duel port video card...yaddayadda
3x tech 1200's
Pioneer djm600 Mixer
Laptop w/ Final Scratch
Tannoy Monitors, 10" Sub woofer
Roland Juno 106
Roland JX8p
Shure Mic

If anyone is done w/ doing remixes - let me know - we'll swwap part via ftp.