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Thread The best/cheapest starter home studio ever built.

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1 The best/cheapest starter home studio ever built.
I pride myself on the level of research that I make before purchasing products. And I always get the absolute best price for all of my gear (around 50-80% discount) so I believe that this current setup Ive got one would find very pleasing as far as sound quality, size of storage, and overall bang for the buck. Let me know what you think or any suggestions.
As far as my current set-up, I have an Aphex Tubessence 107 Preamp that I believe is fairly nice (any suggestions?) connected to dual FMR RNCs compressors. I only have two low end mics. A cheap CAD dynamic mic and an Oktava 319 condenser. The Oktava does quite well in general application but... that's why I am asking for your help.
This goes to a Delta 1010 card to my WinXP PC running Cubase SX 2.0. PC has AMD chip @ 2.0 gig speed (good) with 1 gig PC3700 RAM (awesome). Two SATA Seagate Barracuda 120 gig HDs run with partitions which give me TONS of storage space. My computer setup is almost flawless (can get very, very low latency w/o pops or clicks.
Other gear is/are: Tannoy SBM Monitors, Carver Power Amp, Behringer Headphone Amp w/ Sony monitor headphones, etc.

I mostly jam with the boys and girls using acoustic guitars (Martin + 8 others), Alesis DM Pro drum head unit w/ Roland pads, Ibanez bass, multitude of percussions, various vocalists (whoever thinks they got it).
I'm using the Delta 1010 LT, but Still get pop and clicks, running the Giga Studio and Some Soft Synths, Do you know what can I do for figure out that?
What Mother Board do you recommend?

God Bless You,