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Thread Can anyone help ?

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1 Can anyone help ?
I have a bondi blue iMac (233 MHz) with a yamaha clavinova and and alesis drum machine. I want to make music, but I'm getting stuck. I have a USB midiman to connect the iMac to my keyboard. I am using a cut down programme MicroLogic Fun.

The thing is all I can get is the piano sound of the clavinova ... do I need to buy a new keyboard ?
I want to record acoustic guita and vocals as well as keyboard.

Any one help, I don't wan to spend loads of money

Jonny fun

Micrologic has to know what the bank and patch select numbers are for the Clavinova. Will the Clavinova do GM?

Also, I would check that Micrologic is set to transmit program/bank/patch changes and that the Clavinova is set to receive them.
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