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Thread HIP-HOP

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Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new of this forum. I've the impression here people loggin in are quite used to digital music and DJing, so... I'm sure I'll appreciate it.
I'm startin (re-starting to be precise) to jam some hip -hop session with my analogical console with turntables and my PC with several sampling and sequencing software, and multitrack arranger. At the moment I'm looking for loops and riffs, or something who got the patience to sample instumental versions of something slamming, (preferrably from the old school) to reciprocally share them
hope to have response


Hey guys, Im new here also, Im a student in audio recording at a montreal Quebec college, and a hip hop producer ( among other styles ). I use Reason, Cool Edit Pro, FL Studio and Cubase SX 2.0. I wanted to answer your question JFF. I have literally hundreds of Really ill old school Funk loops, that I would be willing to trade for either funk classics that I may need, VSTis or any high quality bass multi-samples you may have. Also if you or anyone else has any recommendation of the best deals on consoles (preferably digital) So I canget the biggest bang for my buck, that would be great. Thanks!
Big Tedd, if you have the newest version of FL Studio, it comes with the Slayer guitar. It has a bass preset which is really good. My plugin for FL Studio will also have a two bass guitars.
hey.. this is my first post here..

but I seen hip hop in tha subject and I had to go for it.. I am fairly new to productions.. I just got a settup.. and I am working on getting it to par.. its nothing right now.. I am runing a rode nt-1a mic to a pre-sonus pre-amp.. and into my stock soundcard..

if you have any suggestions such as soundcards? or compressors/limiter.. or even something cool to know.. lemme know.. I don't know that much about productions.. but I am trying to get into it..