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Thread looking for advice

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1 looking for advice
HEY I'm new here and I'm looking to build a computer for ,y homestudio use could anyone tell me what specs it should have and what windows version it should have xp, 2000 ME 98 etc. Also I currently have the Roland VM 3100pro mixer/recording workstation that came with elocic platinum can anyone recommend me some sequencing software that will help me in my recording and mixing mastering needs, I currently have cakewalk sonar do i need to upgrade to sonar 3 studio or sonar 3 producer. Also I'm purchasing an MPC2000XL and Korg Triton do I need these components. I know I need the keyboard. cause I'm trying to produce music and record out of my studio once it is up and running. CAn someone please give me some advice. Thanks!!! :)
Welcome here!

Take a look at this post, I think It could help you:


If you don't find answeres here, don't hesitate to ask in "computer" topics!