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Thread Hi! I've done it before with an 80-8, which digital deck?

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1 Hi! I've done it before with an 80-8, which digital deck?
Back in the 80's I had a Tascam 80-8 tape rig with dbx and all the good stuff. Now I'm ready to do it again. But it's like buying digital cameras.. it just moves so fast I'm afraid to jump in, hearing stories about lousy preamps, etc. on current product.

So.. if you were going to buy a 12 or 16 channel deck, what would you buy?
I wouldn't. Go to the Computer forum here and see what I posted there on using an $800 P-4 computer for this purpose. Since the Shuttle has on-board 5.1 audio, if your primary app was simulating a Tape Deck (with all of the advantages of non-linear editing), you could use a Dakota board from Frontier Design Group (apx. $400, and Audition from Adobe (used to be Cool Edit Pro, apx, $200). This would give you 16 independent channels of 24-bit audio I/O, a complete control interface, and with the Dakota card, you get synch, 2 MIDI ports, and access to the best support people in the business. BTW, in the day, I also had an 80-8, and a 40-4, and a 3340, etc.