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Thread Duh

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1 Duh
Hi, everyone! My name's Lyzzie and I just joined this board hoping to get some help. :P

I'm a singer/songwriter who is completely in the dark about engineering and building a home studio. I just bought a used Fatar Studiologic SL-1100 Midi Controller/Keyboard from my nephew. He bought it on a whim (don't ask) and got tired of trying to figure out how to use it....so I bought it from him in the hopes of building a little home studio. :) I also know it has some pre-set sounds on it (I wanted to try and use it as a keyboard to help with my songwriting, as well).

Here's where the big DUH comes in: how do I get sound out of this thang? (lol) I don't see anywhere to plug in headphones except for the "volume" input. I'm assuming this is wrong because I hear nothing in my headphones.

What do I have to hook this keyboard up to to get some sound out of it? If I can't hear it through headphones, can I hook it up to my computer? If so, how do I hook it up to my computer and what types of wires, etc., do I need to do that?

Building this studio and learning how to use it is going to be a HUGE learning experience for me. I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing ... so...please be gentle. :oops: (lol)

Thanks, y'all. :lol:
Nevermind, gang. Just got e-mail from a friend who's bringing over a sound module for me to use with the keyboard.

Thanks....I'm sure I'll be back.... :? :rolleyes: