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Thread allow myself to introduce myself

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1 allow myself to introduce myself
rather than typing all my equipment ...


border="0" />http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/40229adc_834d/bc/Music/IMG_0081.jpg?bfc9pIAButYP1v4o

This Keyboard is one of a kind. They do not make them anymore. It is from ensoniq. This thing is amazing. You can actually use its EXTENSIVE effects processor on your GUITAR.. yes, it is based on audio, not ONLY midi. and all the effects have modifiable options. This is the best Keyboard/sampler EVER. For get the Kurzweil/ korg an all the other "modern" stuff. I have to admit though I own a Kurzweil k2500RS. that things KDFX are pretty impressive too.

Kurzweil K2500RS.

Here I compose all my orchestration, all midi stuff and dance music. This thing is my lover!!

Tama drum set, ( yeah one of the expensive ones). Step asside Lars, I'm comming for you.

I have 2 Tama's actually but the other ine is a rock star. ( doesn't count :P)

I have an electrical drum too yamaha DTS something.

MOTU 1224.

As a band or as analog regording... A MUST HAVE. You can simultaneously record 8 instruments on seperate tracks ( with 1 1224) 16 with 2 etc.

and the audio sample rate and frequency are excelent.

MOTU midi usb timepiece. An also must have if you have more than 2 pieces of midi equipment. For trafficing midi signals.

And ofcourse the best on the market mixer...

the Mackie analog 32x8x8.

Must have for large compositions. Imagine recording some orchestration. 8 vio's a 9 piece drumset etc.etc.

and again best on the market Mackie Monitors Hr824

Software wise I use on a Apple G4 Digital Performer 4.

And to let you in on a secret about the evergoing war on pc based or mac based.

Music/video wise, purely for those reasons, THE APPLE KICKS your little PC's BUTT. ( hey don't start a war here).

Practically, is an other ball game. Of course the pc has advantages, amount of games, office applications etc. etc. BUT I use mine for one thing ONLY. And that is Digital performer4 so there is nothing better than an apple for music!! Trust me I was a PC fan but I had to convert!

Then I have tons and tons of SM57 mics
one Audio Technica studio Mic ( Damn that was expensive) AT4047 ( I think)

an Ibanez guitar, Ibanez 5 string bass, and a self made guitar, ( I guess the Anubis 001)
ohh yeah a Crate amp GFX212

why is Marshall such a big deal???

when buying an amp I tested all amps.
Marshall has a terrible distortion sound very weak. (Still all the big ones have marshall??!!)

I don't get it. I trusted my ears and bought the Crate. Very agressive distortion.

I'm sure I left something out but it will be updated as soon as some groupies decide to buy me more equipment.