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Hey, im new to this forum, im also pretty new to home recording. I've recorded my own band a few times as well as a couple bands around town just doing low budget demos with mostly rented equipment. But now im starting to become more interested and starting to put money into it. I have recently aquired the following gear:

2 Alesis ADAT Blackface
Yorkville YSM1P Active Monitors
RME Hammerfall DIGI9652
Behringer ADA8000
Behringer Tube ultragain T1953
MXL 990 Condenser Mic
I also have some other assorted mics including a sure sm57 and a nady 7 mic drum mic kit. And im currently using a peavey xr886 mixer which i plan on upgrading in the near future.

Some of this gear has not arrived yet and i was just wondering if anybody has had any experiance with any of this equipment and would be able to give me their opinions.