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hi i just wanted to intorduce myself and share the gear i am running in my studio. i'm an audio engineer and composer i also produce certain acts here in toronto ontario canada.

List of Gear

- Macintosh G5
- Digital Performer 4.12
- Motu 896 HD
- Soundcraft Spirit E12 Mixer (for output only)
- TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus
- Kurzweil K2500X
- Yamaha EX5
- MIDI Sport USB Inteface 1X1


- AKG D112
- Shure SM58 X3
- Audio-Technica Drum kit Mics
- AKG C1000S X2


- Gibson Les Paul Standard
- Fender Start USA
- Epiphone SG
- Fender Jazz Bass USA (4 Strings)
- Gibson G-55 Acoustic


- Pearl SRX Series (5 piece)
- 22' Ride
- 19' Dark Crash
- Splash
- China
- Crash

and thats about all i got for now but i will be opening up my own studio soon. i also have a company that produces solo artists at the moment but will be producing bands in the near future so if you think you have the talent send us a tape or write to me to let me know. we are located in toronto ontario canada. thanks for your time.
Welcome onboard. Nice list of gear!
Do not hesitate to post links to mp3's of your music.