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Thread aint afraid 2 ask!!!

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Topic aint afraid 2 ask!!!
Whats up yall?.My name is EMB i promote and perform alot of hiphop here in the Steel City!!! Its becoming a real pain in the ass to get some studio time cause everybody we work with is also trying to do their thang..so i said fuc that chit im getten my own stuff...so i ran out copped me a Windows xp professional system( for like $250)..not bad. Then i got me a Roland r-8 mk 2 beat machine. Now i wanna pull more sounds to my roland..How do i do that? ty if ur ass can help me..
You should check out computermusic magazine.
Its awesome every week it comes with a CD with tons of royalties samples and sounds. Indepth tuturials on the latest/ most commonly used progs, like fruity loops, reason...

Also free plugins and other cool programs.