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Thread Greetings from Florida

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1 Greetings from Florida
Hey guys,

just wanted to drop a note and say hi. Finally found whata appears to be a decent forum after months of searching.

Anyway, a little about myself??? well, i go back, way back to the early 80's. Have had some success in the dance market as well as pop. Have had my own home studio since about 1979 and let me tell you i have spent a flippin fortune updating throughout the years.....lets see, multitracks, to adats, etc...only to find out that now i can do it all on my pc, go figure..... so i invested a fortune in software and am extremly happy.

currently running Sonar 3 Producers Ed, Cubase SX 2.0 with tons of VSTs on my second computer.

still consider myself a novice tho' i mean with all the new technology and software out there its hard to be an expert at anything

will contribute as much as i can

Hey Ricky,

Glad to know that you experienced the 25-year history of Software Integration ... we are living exciting times... and more is coming :P

Hope that you'll enjoy the board
Thanks for joining