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Thread Fast learner seeks dedicated group to assist in...oh, wait..

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1 Fast learner seeks dedicated group to assist in...oh, wait..
a warm hello to any and all who read this.

my story:

i began playing guitar 20 years ago, and have played in numerous bands and collectives. I recently have begun to be very excited by the possibilities of electronic music creation/production. I freakin' love this stuff. I am really hungry to know how to do this well enough that it becomes second nature. I am a Graphic Designer and artist by trade, and I work at a small art college in the northeast US.

my gear:

Guild Bass Guitar
Danelectro electric/acoustic guitar
digitech rp-300 multi-effect pedal
GK Bass Amplifier
1x12 cab
14' Djembe
800Mhz 12" iBook with 350 MB of RAM
edirol ur-80 control surface/audio and midi interface
evolution mk249c midi keyboard
Roland tr-626 rhythm composer
a no-name 8 channel rack mixer
several nady sp-5 mics

so, that's a little about me...oh, yeah, check out [url]www.whiskeytrio.com
[/url] to hear a little of what I do, and also feel free to contact me if you are interested in having a site like that for your music!