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Thread Canada (Calgary)

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1 Canada (Calgary)
Been at this for about 20 years.
Do mainly my own demos, but have produced works for artists and songwriters. I just found this page today. Didn't know it existed.
I have had two other basement studios, but this time is different. I have built a new house with an totally unfinished basement walkout. I get to design from scratch.
I went from stereo reel to reel, to 4 track cassette, to 8 track reel to reel, to V880, to Vs1680 and PC now. Full rack of effects, EQ's various tube gear including Mindprint Envoice,ART , Bellari and Lexicon, Alesis effects... GIbson, Yamaha, Ovation, Guild guitars. Akai sampler, Spirit Absolute monitors,AKG, CAD, Studio Projects, Rode and soon to be AEA Ribbon microphones. Acoustic, Behringer, vintage Silvertone amps.

Looking forward to hanging out.