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Thread Hi there from Italy

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1 Hi there from Italy
Hi everybody !
I was born as a guitarist in the Heavy Metal period, studying guitar and playing Helloween, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns n Roses with my band.
Slowly my attention went around beats, drums, and rythm.
So I began producing drums track on Pc, ad studying turntablism techniques with some italian turntablers.
Then I have made some Italian tour as a scratching deejay,with Articolo31, Sottotono, OtiErre (italian rap groups).
After all, my idea of producing was always stronger, so I set up with some friends 3 recording studios.
In these days I am ending the fourth, done in my house, and DAW-based.
Hard road to go, but very, very satisfying...

'Can't live without music'