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Thread Hello from Music City...NASHVILLE TN

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1 Hello from Music City...NASHVILLE TN
Hey Guys

I'm out here in Music City Nashville TN. Started building my studio 3 months ago. I first stared out building a MIDI Studio. This studio consited of (1) Roland PR100 MIDI Controller (2) Casio MT640 Keyboard (3)Yamaha QY10 Sequencer (4) Casio Tonebox, and last (5) Brother diskdrive. I added a DELL dimension 4100 to the kit with cakewalk Pro Studio. That really wasen't enough for me. I wanted more. I ventured out and bought the Omega Recording Studio from Lexicon, The professional mic stand and kit, headphones, and of course my recorder. Guitars was the next thing on the list. I bought the Takamine Acoustic Guitar and a butt-load of cables. Half my room is a studio. I have the Monsoon flat panel speakers w/ sub for my monitors. Excellent sound. I think my next move will be to get the Roland mixing/sequencing/recording workstation w/ the burner. Drum machine possibly. Who knows what the future brings. I do know I will but a 12 string yamaha guitar and a Fender Strat in a few months. This Studio is a venture off from my main project. I am the owner of Dreamscape Production Studios. CG animation and Visual effects company in Nashville, TN. I decided since we create CG films why not do the music as well. Soundtracks was the main idea. but since we are in the heart of music city. Country music is rubbing off on me. I have written and sang some songs. Working on putting together a band. It gets a bit boring singing with yourself over and over again. 5 Part harmony with yourself is very difficult let me tell ya. But life goes on, the fun is just begining.

Peace out.