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Thread QuantumPortal

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1 QuantumPortal

I'm a Programmer/Telecommunications Engineer/Musician researching computer assisted music composition (privately). I use software I designed to drive a Roland JV-1010 Synth Module and record the audio to my hard drive. I then convert the .wav to .mp3 format and post the results to http://soundclick.com/QuantumPortal.

I am also a Salvador Dali art enthusiast so my music tends towards surrealism with an subtle edge.

I would like to record audio from the Roland JV-1010 Synth to a multi-track recorder ( something digital with a hard drive? ). Any recommendations of digital recroding equipment appreciated.

One of my tracks entitled, "Kiss In The Rain" was aired last year on a Canadian Radio station for Valentine's Day.

In the long term I want to get into producing DVD with 5.1 Surround Sound audio format. I feel this would greatly enhance the surrelistic potential.