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Thread Hello to you all!

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1 Hello to you all!
New guy here. :)

Just started building my first (and pretty basic) home studio with limited resources. Simple soundcard, monitors, probably Cakewalk Home Studio XL and a small mixer maybe. We'll have to see.

Gonna use it to record single instruments (guitar, bass, vocals) over pre-recorded drumtracks or/and do some demoing of my material w. a drum machine. And to learn the basics of recording etc. by doing it, of course!

Genres? Anything I can think of, but mostly metal/rock/experimental stuff.

Nice to meet you all.
Welcome!! Sounds pretty much like what I do, only the genre is blues/rock. Here's my setup:

Let us know how you're doing!! 8)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD