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Thread *So fresh and so clean, clean*...

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1 *So fresh and so clean, clean*...
Hey ery'one Im BRAND NEW to this site...and these areas of topic, actually glad cuz I was lookig for a site/forum that deals with these kind of topics...I need some advice as well.
Im wondering if anyone could PLEEEASE tell me I can set up my own home studio...

I sing R&B and I write my own original songs...im beyond talented with writing songs and I would like to put my words to music...
I obviously have a computer, but what are some of the other tools/equipment that is needed to have my own home studio(besides a mic) so that I can produce beats?....

Gosh, Im not completely stupid but I just need some pointers and it would be nice if someone could help out!! Also does anyone know of any EXCELLENT programs that can help me create amzing beats( hip-hop/R&B) besides FRUITY LOOPS! Even if i have to go purchase in stores, i just would like to know the name of a few good ones>...

Thanx oh and you'll be hearing alot more from me!... :lol:
Welcome to the forum.......I use Fruity Loops for Hip-Hop/Rap....Its not the best in the world but with a keyboard you can work wonders.....I would reccomend downloading the Hip-Hop and R&B packs for fruity loops off *coughLimewireorKazaacough* and it will give you some nice sounds to work with....

I just started my own Home Studio and Studio Foamed my walk in closet you can get that here https://www.musiciansfriend.com

Im using Sonar 4 for the recording....Holla at cha boy *wink*

Get you a decent large diaphram condenser mic I reccomend the MXL 990 (comes with pop filter) for like 59.95...for the price it sounds just as good as a 300-800 dollar mic and you cant beat it...just check the reviews, you can also get it at https://www.musiciansfriend.com....get you a nice preamp, xlr mic cable, and a 1/4 cable with a 1/8 adapter (for preamp output to ya computer) to plug into ya sound card and your set....

With using the under 300 dollar equipment above Ive managed to win 2nd place at my first show recently and get radio play on our local HOT 107.1 here in Memphis.....Good Luck, and Welcome
Hey Kitty
I played with fruity loops before and I didn't really like it either. Right now I use Reason. I like it a lot better, I find it's easier to use and it gives you a lot of freedom. It's put out by propellerheads, you can get a demo I think from their website www.propellerheads.se and there's a new version coming out soon. Good Luck!

Yea.......Im learning to use Reason 2.5 myself.....its for the more musically inclined as you have to manually hook up the wires on all the synths etc.....just a little word of caution....
I used FL to make beats for about a year and only recently switched over to Reason. If your wanting to use samples in your beats use FL, if you've got a good ear and a keyboard use Reason. I love 'em both and they both just take some getting used to so that you can manipulate the subtleties that'll make all the difference.
Oh, Reason's drums are infinatly doper.
Don't die