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Whats up everybody I just stumbled across this site today and thought i'd introduce myself and try to get some new ideas and help with some things.

I have my stuff setup in my garage. I mic my guitar cab and run this to a mixer and then into my computer and use Sonar 3 for production. I record guitar and also turntables. I am looking for some backing drum and possibly bass tracks to record to until I have a live drummer I can track. Hopefully this will be soon but until then I still want to make gains in my personal skills. I am looking for basic rock beats and most importantly reggae/ska beats. This will be for sublime style stuff. I am really in a rut, I play a lot of styles but ska is my true love and Ska sucks to play without backing parts.

What options do I have available to me? I have heard great things about NS KIT and want to try that out. I have no midi controller though and am not quite sure how to interface with the NS KIT. Can I interface with it directly through Sonar 3 or do I need some 3rd party software?

Thanks in advance.
You need bass and drums samples to do back lines. I think you can do this with sonnar but I'm not shure. For samples look at: www.soundsonline.com