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Thread Danny Brown - newcomer in the midst

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1 Danny Brown - newcomer in the midst
Hey, figure i should do the whole hello thing to everyone here now that i have a feel for the site.

My name is Danny, 22, guitarist/vocalist/writer from Edinburgh in bonnie Scotland. Been playing for about 8 years now but only been recording for a couple and am only now getting into studio setups.

I play music with another killer Guitarist called Jay Castell who is currently studying at MI in California - if anyone knows him - give him a holler he's a friendly dude.

Anyways - i will start by thanking for the help i have recieved thus far and a pre-emptive thanks for the help im sure i will receive in the future.

I will post some songs up soon once i have some properly done.

Laters... Danny
Yes upload your songs. : :D
Hi Danny, My names Ross

I'm relativly new here as well.

Obviousley guitar based, what kind of music do you write? What bands are you into? I'm into all sorts, i'm heading for an electronic and an acoustic blend of weirdness........ I like Radio Head, And love Jimi Hendrix
and I like techno, trance...so on and so forth.

See you around Danny

I am pumpkins man myself... love radiohead, nirvana, incubus, foos, rhcp, ratm, qotsa, metalica, bowie so on so forth.

Write mainly alternative style tracks - both acoustic and electric styleee... but have been experimenting a little more recently. Not a big techno man but like the idea of mixing and merging genres.

I'd like to hear some stuff of yours when you get it - the blend could be quite interesting.

Thanks for the acknowledgment - see you around the site.