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Thread Well, another one joins the club...

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1 Well, another one joins the club...
Hey peeps,

So, I'm SDX (Sammy in real life), I'm 20 yrs old, I live in Belgium, I'm a student and I'm a drummer (well, I try to be...).

I recently bought an electronic drum kit (Roland TD-10) and now I'm trying to figure out all the MIDI possibilities.

I'll be using my drums in our church soon. I already put together a comp with some sweet software to hook up to my module but now I need to figure out how to make my module talk with the software.
The main programs will be Sonar 4 and Reason 2.5

Hope to find all the answers to my possible questions if I shouldn't find them on Google first.

Well, so far for my intro.

Do you have midi or usb out?

Just go to music program settings and for midi input select your midi drums device.
Yeah that worked. However, I read on the net that it's possible to load midi files (*.mid) into the TD-10 module with Sonar (I would use them as patterns), although I can't figure how. I found out how to upload bank files from the module into Sonar, but that's all I can do (View -> Sysx -> Receive Bank).
Sorry I don't use Sonnar. I use cubase. Try inport midi or somethig like this. Than you'll have to find and select that part you are looking for. And than copy and paste it to your project. But midi sound are ugly. Try to use some sampled sounds. Look at www.soundsonline.com.