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Thread A bit of help for a newb

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1 A bit of help for a newb

this is my first post, i found this site off of google!

I'm really interested in making a home studio for myself but i'm un-sure of a few things. first off i have eMagic Logic 6 and Cakewalk homestudio, but i want to use logic, now i want to purchase a keyboard to use with it but i'm confused about how a keyboard relates to the programme, can i get a keyboard that plays the sounds on the Logic software and it's own? i saw once someone using 'Logic' and what they were playing on their keyboard was coming out on the PC in notation. I'm sure that that is something to do with MIDI but as i said i'm unsure, all i want is a wide variety of sounds and instruments to be played on the keyboard and have it recoreded on 'Logic' in that notation.

Buy a midi compatible keyboard. You can buy even a syth that have midi output. But I suggest you midi keyboard for usb. I have one and it works good.
thank you

but what is the advantage of 'MIDI Keyboard Controller' over a 'Synth'?

or is a synth far more expensive?
Yes sinty is more expensive, because it has it's own sounds. But you won't need them.
why won't i need them? can they not be utillised in Logic?
You can record them like wav not like midi. Buy synt if you'll need it for live gigs. If you need it just for studio buy midi controler. This is my opinion.