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  • Yet another step forward

    Yet another step forward - Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Review


    Three years ago Universal Audio introduced the Apollo Twin, a more friendly priced desktop version of their Apollo flagship audio interface.

  • Twin Sound

    Twin Sound - Universal Audio Apollo Twin Review


    "It would be ideal if UAD offered a less expensive Apollo with only two mic preamps," we wrote in our review of the first Apollo almost two years ago, and also, "Given the choice of transparent-sounding preamps, it would be no surprise to find vintage preamp emulations in the future. Just wait and see." The time has come now to welcome the Apollo …

  • One Small Step for Men...

    One Small Step for Men... - Universal Audio Apollo Review


    Universal Audio is a brand like no other in the pro audio world. The company has been competing in the hardware market for over 50 years with preamps, compressors and channel strips. But it has also been present in the plug-in market for about a decade with the famous UAD DSP platform. We have always wondered what would happen if Universal Audio w…