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Tivoli Audio user reviews

  • Tivoli Audio Model One

    Tivoli Audio Model One - " after prolonged use"


    Hello, I am not sure of the date of purchase, it says it's been a long time since I bought it. I love the sound, very round and full of serious, considering the space. The ideal radio in the kitchen. That said, after 4 years of use, the tuner shi…

  • Tivoli Audio Model One

    Tivoli Audio Model One - " Tivoli not go swimming?"


    Tivoli is a small town in the province of Rome, founded in 1215 before Jean Christophe. What is the significance of this sentence? No, but you will have learned something interesting today. Otherwise, Tivoli Audio is one of those small Swiss compa…

  • Tivoli Audio iSongBook

    Tivoli Audio iSongBook - " Its ok, but filming is deteriorating and glue"


    Good brand in terms of sound, but they made a mistake with the rubber coating, supposedly stain (for those who use their radio as a cutting board, you never know ...) The problem is that this famous silicone coating deteriorates, becomes very mess…

  • Tivoli Audio Model One

    Tivoli Audio Model One - dudu74's review


    Simple high-end Listen to the radio with my parents. Good curve for low frequency drives good size, but not neutral forcment the famous bass is a tendency to reduce the intelligibility of speech (if you Listen to France culture with children pla…

  • Tivoli Audio Model One

    Tivoli Audio Model One - stef74's review


    KLG 1840, Petit hp 7cm in diameter! an event under one's power if so unbelievable! I was in my kitchen a multitude of radio and never be satisfied with the tuner sound of the clarity with the Tivoli I feel the old radio to find a lamp in the kitchen …

  • Tivoli Audio Model One

    Tivoli Audio Model One - nofun's review


    I confirm the previous comment. I have the Model Three is basically the same as the one model with a timer and more. restitution is very accurate despite the small size of this radio. Of course as has been said, it is not a forum for listening on a m…