Tivoli Audio Model One
Tivoli Audio Model One

Model One, Other Hi-Fi Product from Tivoli Audio.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 10/12/2013

Tivoli Audio Model One : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review

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Tivoli is a small town in the province of Rome, founded in 1215 before Jean Christophe. What is the significance of this sentence? No, but you will have learned something interesting today.

Otherwise, Tivoli Audio is one of those small Swiss company that has the wind in its sails abroad. they wave chopper small radios stations since its inception and they are made in China small indoor radios, all with elegant appearance and flank it with HP's decent (yes, this is normally the shit). All combined with a technology called DAB. And frankly, since it is a success, people are snapping. I know lots of people with these tivoli, two with the model that interests us.

This is a good little radio. Frankly, nothing to add. The DAB + allows a clear reception, the hp's pass well within the ranges of common use. It is compact and has a catchy look, who surfs on the hype completely new vintage. Everything is pretty well built, which is a positive (sick of these disposable products Alacón for a horde of mindless zombies consommants).

My rating is severe because it is impossible to note above a radio single. It's even been a gift that I put him in this note. In the 21st century, still offer the mono, it deserves less. But it would make the device significantly more expensive and vintage side have suffered, and this is probably what the developers thought.

In short, not a bad matron, but should not be exaggerated either.