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TK Audio news

  • TK Audio TK-lizer

    TK Audio TK-lizer

    07/17/12 in TK Audio TK-lizer

    The new TK-lizer is a Baxandall type of EQ, high and low bands are selectable between shelving or bell.

  • [NAMM] TK Audio BC2-ME

    [NAMM] TK Audio BC2-ME

    01/18/12 in TK Audio BC2-ME

    TK Audio has announced the BC2-ME, a new mastering compressor unit.

  • TK Audio BC1mk2

    TK Audio BC1mk2

    11/01/11 in TK Audio BC1mk2

    TK Audio launched the BC1 in 2008 and 500 units later, TK Audio felt that it was time for a small update.

  • TK Audio The Strip

    TK Audio The Strip

    02/10/11 in TK Audio The Strip (ST1)

    The Strip (ST1) is a channel strip with a mic preamp, compressor and EQ.