Fender Black & Gold Telecaster
Fender Black & Gold Telecaster
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iamqman 11/16/2011

Fender Black & Gold Telecaster : iamqman's user review

« Black is cool but not gold »

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Fender telecaster is a fun little guitar that has a great sustained but a unique tone to any other guitar that you've ever seen or heard. It retains that clean Fender brilliance and sparkle but it has its own dynamic frequency response very different than any other Fender Stratocaster or other instrument. It's a very light and airy guitar that has two single coil pickups, a volume control knob, and a tone control knob. You also get pickup selector and that's pretty much it is farce features go. The hardware on this guitar is just horrible. I don't like gold hardware so I am a little biased towards anything other than gold. The black works on this guitar though.


The Fender Telecaster is a fun really ample for the clean tones and moderately overdriven rock tones. It has that nice style and feel that is very comfortable to play single notes or solo rigging. It has a very thin neck compared to Gibson Les Paul or any other Gibson guitar and not quite as thick as a Fender Stratocaster neck. It's very comfortable as you go up and down the frets of the neck which makes it very pliable and easy to do solos and single note playing


If your country player or any rock player this is a great guitar because as a great sustain any clear note separation as you strum the guitar. They don't excel at drop tunings or extremely saturated gainey guitar tones. These guitar sound great with effects or modulations with a light overdriven to clean amplifier. Certainly you can play any hard rock setting but you're not really good to get the tones you would hear many hard rock players achieve.


You can find guitars pretty much anywhere you look for Fender instruments. They are anywhere between $800 and a couple thousand dollars depending on which reissue you are looking to get. Most of them are around the range of about $900 or so. There are a fun guitar and they're nice addition to any guitar collection that you might have. I recommend these for recording were getting as well because they give a good sound and a different tone than any other guitar you're going to use. But don't buy the gold hardware it just looks silly on this guitar.