Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom

Classic '72 Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Rooyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it should be rock and roll!!"

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
mexico ect ...


nice sleeve, but not super fast either (but I, for that matter!) ... so no souçail! good ergonomics


for her, it took me quite a test to come out to adjust the height of the microphones until the mixture is smooth and can move doubled without much change in volume after ... but here it is Its what I was looking for ... fender blues deluxe tweed associated ...
Note: big flaw for my taste on the pulling ropes mounted delivery, with 1 October 46 it's all the same guitar and it inspires more confidence to change immediately!


last few days, I had other TV us, although initially I would say that the difference is smaller it is probably in a few months I can really evaluate the difference ... the price has me the proper air
Another remark: shielding strongly advised as copper and I can reseal the selector passage (making ...)

67fafa67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Made in Mexico


very pleasant.
Heavier than a stratocaster but it is a normal telecaster.
It is not beveled as stratum for the rest right forearm. (For a right-handed). The paint will eventually disappear as a result of friction, but hey it's the look of the Telecaster and I like it.
Access to the treble is very good.
Readily obtained a good sound, no need to record ...
You can not plug a jack cranked guitar.


Is the ideal guitar for blues and blues-rock. There nothing wrong with it really excels in this area, also for this reason that I chose (after testing several strata and other guitars).
I use it with an all-tube amp laney lionheart. The Telecaster and this amp is really meant for each other: the sound you can leave the whole is very impressive.
With distortion on wide-range humbucker out a fat, well rounded and very bluesy rock at a time. By mixing the two pickups gives a range of sounds that make the richness of this guitar I would say that it is his strong point.
The bridge pickup gives personality to the Telecaster guitar so well known: it breaks down and is very round.

In its clear nothing wrong: it's paradise ... we go from gentle to power very easily.


I use it for 9 months.
I tried several models before buying.
Super value for money.
I would do this choice with your eyes closed.
Fred The Shred04/03/2008

Fred The Shred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Little review on the Fender Telecaster Custom 72 '(classic series) made in mexico.

I bought this guitar 3 weeks ago, an opportunity like new with protective film still on the pickguard, for 650 euros all round from a reseller. which is good but not really a steal! you can have it for cheaper looking good.

As mentioned above, it is a standard telecaster body, maple neck with C, with Wide Range Humbucker micro (only twice in fender) in the neck position and a single coil in the bridge position.

The electronics are typically gibson with a volume and 1 tone and a micro switch type "toggle switch" 3 position, which is found on paul, SG et al.

a particular configuration very attractive for those seeking a little the best of both worlds Fender / Gibson.


This guitar is very pleasant and easy to play, the handle is a bit large but much less than the fender deluxe (TV + handle strata) of the same series made in mexico. Maple used for the manufacture of the handle is well made and varnish honest. Personally my favorite guitar is a Gibson SG Special 61 ', ultra-thin neck so, and that's ok! no adjustment problems when I switch from one to another.

the joint body / neck is comfortable and allows good access to the 20th box.

The body is well balanced, not too heavy (between the SG and Les Paul) and finish overall is still careful ... mine is a "blackie" very nice piano black lacquer, the class compares favorably to a US.

mechanics are not too bad agreement, but I've seen better ... but hey they have a good vintage look and the head is very nice with the logo fender 70's, lined with black gold.

good and if it is connected?


I plugged into a mesa boogie caliber 50, 1987, new lamps.

The clean sound is very good, typical Fender course, the simple crunch well as it should be a good outlet for this type of microphone. when the humbucker, it is very mellow, jazz ... very kind of microphone that would do wonders in a VOX AC30! the intermediate position is well balanced, arpeggios to Robert Smith sounded wonderful. this medium is very careful and you really decide to get an amp for his "funky pot." At the same time it is TV, not a Start!

In full, simply send literally mashed although much too sharp for my taste with the tone of knob 10. a small correction on the knob tone depending on the amp used and it's done. Side humbucker is sweet at will too as it's lacking a bit of treble, it sounds very 70's and the grain is very specific, like "are you gonna go my way" by Lenny Kravitz this kind there. .. but oddly with a lower level than the simple. This is a little handicap on solos ... well it's OK with a good tube screamer.

As against electronic level is not really that ... the knobs do not seem very good, and the pickup selector crackles and who is not very smooth to handle even with a shot of WD40. regret also at the base jack, which does not allow the introduction of angled jack type neutrik because rising too recessed into the body of the guitar.


Overall it is a good guitar, very original and with a well made violin.

The pickups are also a beautiful color and a very distinctive grain (personal love) but their performance is reduced due to low-end electronics mounted on the guitar ... it must be somewhere in the crop.

Personally I love this guitar, but I will change knobs, pickup selector and condos, which according to several internet forum will address issues in addition to low levels and lack of severe acute microphone (just replace the knobs of 250KB factory of 500 KB (as on the original models of the 70's ...). I also take this opportunity to make a change on this very popular model: the split of the double single push through ... and-pull pots to me funky!

Finally, a guitar class, original, easy to play but requires an upgrade to the excellent electronic pickups mounted on the guitar give their full potential!

tiburse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Made in Mexico _21 frets_1micro telecaster single in the bridge position humbucker and a humbucker in position manche.Manche wild range in U.
Config of lespaul for settings


Smooth white maple handle very nice, thick as a baseball bat, which for me is not a problem, but it tends to Disagree and I think
also that the strings are too far apart the handle, which does not make it easy to play, perfect for slide and for those who have the hands of loggers.


Very good sound. This is super scratch polivalente is not bad for the Chigago blues, rock (the humbucker sends the sauce), funk, jazz, personal I play blues / rock with a good overdrive and it does it well and the clean funk sound is very beautiful both brilliant and slamming into postion intermediate. j 'instead uses the neck pickup for my solos and I arrive to get the sound that I need but I love also the pure Telecaster particularly on the guitar. The sound of the humbucker is special to love, c' is also what makes it original.
One small problem, the double covers simple microwave middle position fairly quickly from the 8 knob volume.
The sound is very clean as spring water, that is not a guitar to sound dirty but rather like Radiohead (OK Computer)


Good guitar for a price that is affordable, I have chosen this guitar for its originality in the sound, I like the sound of Telecasters but I'm also a fan of micro double gos Gibson, and the look that is said by the way déchire.Elle is very versatile but I think not easy to play and does not take much of the agreement.

cachalotblanc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Republication of the model born in 1972 whose production stopped in 1980.

Telecaster uncommon, manufactured in smaller series.

Namely, the 1st series from 72 to 75 were not found sumptuous and now

Made in Mexico with selected woods in the United States (according to Fender), available in rosewood or maple neck, 21 frets "vintage" (fine) on an intermediate radius profile Fender vintage (but not large "round" in hand, "U ") to facilitate the taking with the whole hand, the thumb can go over to look for the E major.

Standard Telecaster in a micro bridge.
1 humbucker Fender "Wide Range" in handle, model "filed" a priori

3 vintage bridge saddles nickel.

1 + 1 control volume adjustment tone by micro or 4 knobs

A 3-position selector bridge / bridge-neck / neck


The handle is typical vintage, absolutely not in line with handles high-speed lines to go down to 160 in the black sextuplets!
No, here is comfort grip "rustic" but strong and "manly."

We like or not like it!

The action set properly (like any instrument that should be) is very nice.

On the average weight is well balanced and can be played for hours without suffering, it compels Telecaster does not have to go trough the stomach and cutting of the forearm as his little sister ... but Stratocaster it does (gets worse!)

The sound is its personality and originality! All in all this, we chose it for that!

This guitar is an alternative, or you love it or you hate it and there is no interest! (There are tools like that ...)


Instrument reflecting perfectly the sounds of 70's, both vintage with a twist of "dirt", a touch of aggressiveness when you push the knobs.

Sound in a velvet glove of steel.

The micro bridge is cheap but rather typical Telecaster, it is far from being one of the best representative, I highly recommend the upgrade on this model (Seymour, Fender Custom Shop ...) to render the most beautiful of worthy "twang" Telecaster!

The humbucker is the key to this guitar! not a humbucker ultra powerful enough, but its clear and warm drool a bit when pushed into overdrive (the famous sound of K. Richards 70 days'!!) grain truly personal. It provides a surprising versatility, clean, cozy jazz, blues crunchy, rock "antique"

Never use it on a transistor amp (like all guitars), it would be a fatal ereur and illogical, and never try to make the "death-metal-punk-hard core" ...

no, no ... vintage 70 'here!


I had to play on OCASI Telecaster moult, some are most excellent (IR 52 'and 60') but the disappointing series US standards, the Mexican series has a good quality / price ratio, but that's it ...

The Custom 72 'RI's personality, look and texture of sound.

Both by his telecaster bridge pickup becomes more versatile and more "rich", most original (and not original!) By the presence of the humbucker.

The principle of controls at the micro Gibson is really a decisive factor.

Value for money with no problem, the violin is more than correct!

Absolute and final choice ... again, as with the telecaster in general we like or not like it!

Thomazii's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
Classic Telecaster shape (replica of 1972), made in Mexico.
21 frets, fixed bridge, 2 pickups (1 double "wide range" in the neck position and a simple "vintage" in the bridge), 2 volumes and 2 tones (1 each for each micro)

round profile "C" one piece maple. ash body and mechanical "vintage".


Very user friendly. The rest speaks for itself: it is a TV, so not very light, but what a look! body well designed and pleasant to the touch (nice polish!).

The sounds are right there. Once connected, it's sublime simplicity. Once again the spirit of TV it sounds, and we want no more ...


So there, there are a bunch of stuff to say.

On the first micro acute: plugged into a good cube lamps, slamming it as it likes on a TV: rock'n'roll sound, heard on hundreds of vinyls. an incredible presence, and good sustain, with set neck. A very good dynamic, which allows out in a chorus, even at low volume.

But the micro serious pff my ancestors! it is (to my taste) sublime! Nothing to say: in all registers, it goes impeccable: rock, pop, jazz, blues and especially (its crunch by lowering his tone), and even some metal riffs almost greasy, but hey, do not push it when well ... The sound is warm, round, clear, full of harmonics.

This is the microphone I use most, particularly with the type "crunch". It fits perfectly, and transcribed all my nuances of play ...


I use this guitar for almost a year now, and as a young guitarist (4 years of practice), I can say it has never disappointed. I play Rock back with a group of Evreux, and it perfectly meets my expectations (simplicity, efficiency). the sounds you can get are very varied, and we need very little time to shape his sound.
I often have the opportunity to play on a Telecaster american deluxe series, and I prefer the custom 72 '! But do not believe in miracles either, it's not the perfect guitar: what it lacks is may be a better finish because the manufacture of good quality Mexican though, can be blamed for some points.
Otherwise, the value for money is excellent (€ 699 on thomann is the concrete!), And it's still a Telecaster! I played on an Ibanez before, and I think the back would be impossible now.

What is special about this guitar is really his (fabulous) humbucker, so little common Telecasters, and the elegance of his shield, designed to accommodate four knobs.

With the expereince, I would definitely do it again this election. She made it possible to obtain sound typed "vintage" but not lock me in a style, because, again, the sound posssiblités are very extensive.

In short, you'll understand that I am madly in love with this guitar, microphone and dual ...
The only black spot in all this is probably the lack of comfort on the cavity side of the body, but requires vintage spirit, it's still an exact replica ...
Mr ok okok03/21/2005

Mr ok okok's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
-21 Frets
-2 Pickups (1 single and 1 double humbucker bridge in handle)
-2 Volumes and 2 tones
Handle very pleasant smooth-
-Mechanical in 1972 .... we like it or not! (Note the strings a password but also breaks)
3-ply plates
-Available in sunburst (mine) and black (like picture ).... I think that all c

attention some changes are needed:
Indeed, jai modified bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan and I littlebucker doi sdir the guitar gains enormously in power. more feedback (ms ct very very slight) and more annoying buzz. my fender has become more fluid in the game and also consistency.
jai also changed the bridge and dropped out of home for a much more efficient and avoiding to the maximum detuning. tip jack also undergoes a change: It is now a gibson square type that took place on the body of my beautiful. jai ... also added two masses fender had apparently forgotten to do (!!!). short, set by the mechanisms that are not ds Schaller, she has all of great!


Using ultra simple (a constant for me who needs a maximum of ease ... see my other review)
access to the treble is good, weight is Ok
It is versatile and regularly go out of tune. Live invest in a tuner with bypass!

attention some changes are needed:
it goes out of tune at all with the new bridge, this guitar a real gem!


C's strong point: it is able to have very different sounds and c's why I bought a simple microphone to sound very dry (sometimes quite close to the garage rock) and a very fat humbucker (sometimes too, it covers a bit I find his colleague)
c a really good microphone setup. and even if we can get better for everyone, these pickups complement a lot and you will not deus!

attention some changes are needed:
the neck pickup no longer covers her little brother and it is perfect


Very versatile, very safe, it will pricurera lot of fun. However, if you're looking for pure grain, heavy distortion, get ready to change the humbucker (and just because a dc may no longer stick ...) because it covers just his friend. of course, if you are looking for against a partner who's around, asking to be tamed and demands attention ... you will be delighted and served! (Like me)

attention some changes are needed:
even more delighted than happy now, thanks mainly to change the bridge pickup!

twiggy5tele's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '72 Telecaster Custom
-Characteristics have already been listed


The handle is really great fun, finally, a round fender! It may be a bit heavy after a 3 hour concert but it's still totally appropriate! It is perfectly balanced it on any side finally looks good to play with such a scratch is really a treat!


Then! How to say it is just great: very versatile than a tele std SS we move from a very nice clean edge over the big fat rock without problem, I think changed the micro bridge with a little more roundness to 59 while keeping some of its edge but the legendary TV config is still very good: the sauce really sends hb smooth and single coil gives you the thrill is like when you listen to some riff Keith Richards! The two microphones blend really well together I see much change after ...
Anyway that said, THAT'S GOOD!


Already I was really charmed by its looks devastating (I am jealous of bcp believe me) and after test I knew that one day she will be mine! I have for almost 4 months and believe me I love it as much as the first day maybe even more! If you want a guitar with:
-A look that kills
-Its a killer
It its cutting edge of TV, but having the versatility of a Start