Trace Elliot 12-Band
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Trace Elliot 12-Band user reviews

  • Trace Elliot  AH1200-12 Head

    Trace Elliot AH1200-12 Head - " great"


    The 2 channels 600 WATTS n allow any config cabinet. UTILIZATION the sound track is really parfait.l equa allows a multitude of his notament superb infrabass SOUNDS verse with a swr cab and musicman c perfect. OVERALL OPINION well when c …

  • Trace Elliot 1215 Combo

    Trace Elliot 1215 Combo - vince_064's review


    Lamp and / or transistor 500 W Adjusting Input Gain "Trace Elliot sound" preset (on / off) Active / passive (- 10db) Mixing transistor / lamps (2 knobs) 12 band equalizer Double compression adjustment potentiometer (Hi-pass / Lo-pass) …

  • Trace Elliot 1215 Combo

    Trace Elliot 1215 Combo - Darka666's review


    It is a hybrid amp mosfet / tube EQ with switchable 12 band clear channel and drive (like a guitar amp) with mix of channels; dual band compressor and a packet output ===> The rear looks like a mixer! Otherwise it delivers 350Watts 500Watts and wi…

  • Trace Elliot 1210 Combo

    Trace Elliot 1210 Combo - Logre's review


    Brand: Trace Elliot Model: equivalent to the head ah 500-12 I believe Year: 2007 Size (WxHxD, number of units rack): width 615 mm, height 622 mm, 335 mm deep (I mean the whole size of the combo here Weight: 39.5kg Type (transistors, MOSFET,…