Mooer Trelicopter
Mooer Trelicopter

Trelicopter, Tremolo pedal from Mooer in the Micro series.

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Average Score:3.0( 3/5 based on 2 reviews )
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ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Means anything."

Mooer Trelicopter
This is a tremolo guitar superpetit format while made in China and it is perhaps because the Chinese have small fingers or because fashion is the micropédale.

There is a rule that petitpotard depth depth petitpotard a bias which looks to me to adjust the waveform sine / square, potardnormal speed which adjusts the speed of the tremolo with a really wide range and as it is a little soft it is not easy to dose accurately.

Sector only small energy demand so great for a wreath or a very powerful multi-PSU power.

What is nice is that it is very small, the pedal then it takes up no space in the pedalboard and which is less nice is that it is very small so it is not easy to well adjust - more if you're kind of awkward every time you move the knob with your foot speed by activating the effect. And the small size makes it that there is little velcro under the pedal so it fits poorly on the pedalboard and if you nag her hand on the side of the switching effect.


Very simple config is not a tremolo axeFx.

OK Manuel, passing pretty black corrugated box matte look great with a nice sticker inside.


It makes the job well, it is transparent, the adjustment range is pretty good even if it is difficult to tune - but tremolo is it really serious?

After the switch is worthy of an EHX pedal, very hard and noisy engagement, manufacturing quality looks OK but it is evaluated over time and the end of plastoc under the same switch does not tell me nothing worthwhile.


I bought new in promo because I needed a tremolo just after selling my Holy Grail. I kept a few months and then sold almost the price I had paid. In use I found the pedal too small and impractical.

It has been replaced by a clone Vox Repeat Percussion, more extreme and much more suitable for my use.
Michel Chasseur04/01/2013

Michel Chasseur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trelicopter - Amooer for amateurs."

Mooer Trelicopter
Tremolo (oscillator) shaped optical mini jacks 6.3 guitare.2 pedal input and output and a power supply 9V, 2.1 mm plug. A speed potentiometer, a quick and intensity for another mini-potentiometer for varying the shape of the signal.


The usage is simple and manual English / Chinese, moreover summary is useless.
But the knobs have a small mark hard to see. Must be set to the ear. They are effective and not cause excessive caricature. Note in passing that if the trimpots passing in front tends to become the rule, there is much to fear for ergonomics.
The big - in fact normal - speed potentiometer ranges from very slow to very fast. In my opinion one third of the race was musically useful. The remaining product quirks that might not be to everyone's taste.


Within a classical setting, in connection with the pace that we play, vibrato is very good, even magical and mesmerizing. It certainly has cost many Chinese designers to recognize the Fender vibrato lamp was the model to copy.
But there are still flaws. The least important is the boost of about 3 db (this is clearly audible), which also colors the way his tone corrector for low-volume listening good hi-fi amps The breath is not important.
The default highlight is that the true-bypass is not controlled appellation. If the pedal is placed only between the guitar and the amp, one perceives a tic-tic effect when cutting. The operating noise disappears when inserting an overdrive or other effects tremolo before. So you need a buffer.
On the other hand, with a normal volume, eg sound level of a sax that is not afraid to play, use the on / off switch causes clearly audible clack ...


It only took me a few tens of minutes to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this "Trelicopter." And I'm just an amateur. So what vibrato Mooer Trelicopter is difficult to use for recording or on stage because of its operating noise appendices but not negligible. His classic good anyway. If the range of effects Mooer enhanced by masterful demonstrations on the net (Prymaxe, for example) has the same weaknesses, it is better not to be tempted.