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Tremolo pedals user reviews

  • Malekko Goatkeeper

    Malekko Goatkeeper - "From Simple Tremolo to Complex Sequence-Type Patterns"


    SOUND: The Goatkeeper is rather quiet, even when combined with a high-gain amplifier (there isn’t too much ‘swooshing’ in the background when not playing, which you often hear with tremolo-type pedals). Also, the quality of the effect is rather exce…

  • Ananashead Effects OptoTrem

    Ananashead Effects OptoTrem - "Organic, warm and lush"


    SOUND: One of the best sounding tremolos I’ve come across, and straight-forward in use. The OptoTrem allows for a change in Rate and Depth, while adjusting the Wave, while the qual…

  • Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo

    Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo - "Possibly the Most Complete Tremolo Pedal" has images


    SOUND: The (tremolo) sounds from the Quaverato is enormous and can be extremely varied, as demonstrated in the YouTube video below: There’s so much you can do with the Quaverato. Fi…

  • Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018

    Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018 - "From Eerie Pink Floyd to Surf Rock,the Surf Trem is excellent value" has images


    SOUND: Below is a YouTube demonstration video on the Carl Martin Surf Vibe 2018, which is the latest ‘scaled down’ or streamlined pedal board version of this classic. The Surf Trem i…

  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo - "Worth it, but not at full price"


    I’d like to start out by saying that this pedal is worth it if you buy it at a discount or second hand because it’s a Boss pedal and they will work just fine even if they’re from the 80s. This is generally a good pedal, but unless you need tremolo ef…

  • MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo

    MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo - "Good Tremolo"


    Great tremolo pedal from MXR. Does stereo panning and regular tremolo. Three knobs, two footswtiches. UTILIZATION This pedal is super easy to use. IT nails nay kind of cool tremolo effect you could want SOUND QUALITY Sounds are superb! Great t…

  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo - nickname009's review


    The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal. Dedicated "Wave," "Rate," and "Depth" knobs provide a multitude of effect possibilities. Provides guitarists with high-qualit…

  • Pigtronix Tremvelope

    Pigtronix Tremvelope - "Usable weirdness"


    Sine and Sawtooth Wave Options Mono or Stereo with Panning Output Switchable Envelope Control for LFO Variable Envelope Sensitivity and Acceleration Speed and Depth increase or decrease independently Trigger input for cle…

  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo - Modded by Analogman

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo - Modded by Analogman - "Great sounding tremolo"


    The stock Boss TR-2 is a pretty decent tremolo pedal that sounds fairly solid. It has a few issues, though. For one, it's a little noisy. For two, whenever you turn it on, the volume actually drops. Finally, the effect is kinda thin sounding. An…

  • Catalinbread Semaphore Tap Tempo Tremolo

    Catalinbread Semaphore Tap Tempo Tremolo - "Versatile Tremolo unit with tap tempo"


    Nicholas Catalinbread is a boutique pedal maker out of Oregon in the United States. All their pedals are hand made and they make a wide variety of pedals. This pedal is the New Semaphore pedal. It has much more features than the old Semaphore. Across…