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Truetone GarageTone user reviews

  • Truetone Axle Grease Delay

    Truetone Axle Grease Delay - "Visual Sound Garage Tone Axle Grease Delay"


    This is a hybrid digital/analog delay. It has a metal enclosure. It is black with white writing. Simple 3 knob controls. Im a hobbyist musician with a love of old rock n roll from early 50s rockabilly to 70s classic rock, I am also love the blues…

  • Truetone Chainsaw Distortion

    Truetone Chainsaw Distortion - " Sharp and varied"


    Pedal distortion / overdrive easy, "plug and play" type. You have to find your settings to refine your sound. This is the classic analog transistors, beefy, an input, an output jack size, a power supply. Classic what ... UTILIZATION Operation is …

  • Truetone Drivetrain Overdrive

    Truetone Drivetrain Overdrive - " It's hot, it's beautiful!!"


    Overdrive is a "classic" UTILIZATION Super easy to use, what an overdrive !!!!! SOUND QUALITY I use it mainly with a Start. What I like most about this pedal is the grain of the overdrive. Bought for the birthday of a friend, after testin…

  • Truetone Chainsaw Distortion

    Truetone Chainsaw Distortion - " A try before you buy ..."


    Soft distortion pedal. Three knobs: Volume, Tone, Drive. 9V DC or battery type boss. UTILIZATION Very simple manual showing two / three typical settings. The buttons are very soft and turns too easily. Solid aluminum enclosure. SOUND QU…

  • Truetone Axle Grease Delay

    Truetone Axle Grease Delay - Teurastaja's review


    Everything is said here: 2 things that bother me already: have to unscrew the bottom of the pedal to put a battery and the switch that makes a big plop when pressed .…