Truetone Axle Grease Delay
Truetone Axle Grease Delay

Axle Grease Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Truetone in the GarageTone series.

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MGR/jasonled75 10/06/2010

Truetone Axle Grease Delay : MGR/jasonled75's user review

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This is a hybrid digital/analog delay.
It has a metal enclosure. It is black with white writing. Simple 3 knob controls.

Im a hobbyist musician with a love of old rock n roll from early 50s rockabilly to 70s classic rock, I am also love the blues and vintage country music.

I bought this pedal from musicians friend for $69. I was looking for a good analog delay pedal but most of the ones I liked where way out of my budget. I ran across a demo of this pedal on you tube and like the sound so I went to visual audio's website and read more about it before decideing to purchase it.

This pedal has a very good vintage analog delay sound for the money. It is a hybrid meaning part of the signal path is digital but you can't tell it by listening to it. The price was very much a deciding factor for me as it was at least half the price of any other analog delay.

I havent found anything not to like so far. It really is a good pedal. Alot of people shun anything that is not big name or boutique but it is really the sound that matters.

It has a metal case. And seems to be a pretty sturdy pedal. The case is sheet metal like alot of electro harmonix stuff, not cast aluminum or pot metal.

Overall a very good pedal for the money. There may be better sounding delays out there but for the money you cant go wrong. And if another delay sounds better it wont be by much in my opinion.

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