Marshall DSL201
Marshall DSL201

DSL201, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall DSL201

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mooseherman's review

Marshall DSL201
This is a Marshall tube amp, made in Britain. There is the single 1/4" input and there is an external out as well as an effects loop. There are 20 watts delivered to this amp. It has two channels, a clean and distorted.


Getting a good sound out of this isn't too difficult, assuming the amp can provide the sound you are looking for. Channel one is the clean channel, and this channel has its own Gain, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. Channel two is the overdrive channel and includes its own Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. Both channels share the same controls for FX Mix, Reverb, and Master Volume. The amp includes a footswitch, which is a great addition to have in a live setup.


This is a great Marshall amp, if the classic Marshall sound is what you are looking for (think Who classics like Won't Get Fooled Again, The heavier Zeppelin stuff, things from that era and a little bit beyond). This amp is perfect for anyone looking to emulate those sounds. There are some who would argue that its a bit cliche, I don't know about that though. Its a great rock amplifier. My main complaint with Marshalls is usually that their clean tones are lackluster. With a Les Paul or even a Strat, the tone of this clean channel is thick and round without being too bassy. And the! What a great sound. Huge and epic, just like the Marshall sound should be. Its powerful and dynamic without losing warmth or character. Its not the most versatile sound, but it's pretty solid and can't be beaten to rock a club. Since this is just a combo, it can't play larger venues on its own like the stacks could, but it certainly can do some damage when hooked up to a PA. It's not bad for recording either, though I tend to prefer other amps to it for that purpose. The reverb is classic spring reverb, good for some live settings but not necessarily for recording.


I like the tone and functionality of this amp the best. The price isn't usually that bad, and used this thing will go for pretty cheap. It's not the greatest Marshall amp out there, but for the price, it's definitely a good purchase. I think that it sounds great and is pretty reliable. The tones are familiar without being boring. I have played a few Marshall combos, but I'm happier with this than I was with most of those. I would definitely recommend this.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201"

Marshall DSL201
I ordered this in Jan of 97 These were not out yet it arrived at the store in August on my birthday of all days. I paid $509.00

I wanted a small amp just big enough to gig with. I didnt like the half stack too big. that stays at home. I like the channel switching and the fact I could crank this and use the output tube sound instead of the dreaded preamp tube sound. it has separate EQ too. FX loop that I never use (dont use effects really) The reverb is ok if it works that day.

The reverb wont turn off most of the time. I just have it unplugged at this time its annoying !!! No amp should gain this much I just dont see the point so if I use the gain channel its really low maybe on 2.

Construction is like almost any amp these days constructed cheaper than my vintage amps they still work after decades of use this one may not.

For the money its was one of the best ones out there at the time in the 20 watt range. I'm ok with it.

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MGR/Bernard Piller12/16/2002

MGR/Bernard Piller's review"Marshall JCM2000 DSL201"

Marshall DSL201
I was looking for a small tube amp with 2 channels. I bought it in summer 2002 at Klangfarbe, Vienna (Austria). It is a 2001 show floor model and cost EUR 720,-

I like the perfect Marshall tube sound and the two channels. For a mellower overdrive between "clean" and "crunch" I have a Marshall BluesBreaker-2 pedal.

I replaced the stock speaker with a Celestion Greenback, for a much better and more '60s vintage sound.
A seperate reverb for the channels would be nice.

My amp is great, no lose screws or cables which seems to be common with Marshall amps. Maybe this is because mine was not new out of the box but was a demonstration unit in the shop for some months and they fixed it.

If you are looking for a not too loud tube amp, this is a great model. Advantage: Power tube saturation kicks in earlier with these little amps.
It offers pure Marshall sound. The clean channel is pretty clean, the crunch channel goes from "overdrive" to "death metal"

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cazu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL201
Lamps 2x EL84 amp - 4x 12AX7
Given a score of big Watts

- DI output,
- Effects loop (mix in faade)
- HP 16 Ohms
- PDAL channel change
- Between a guitar faade

- It is lightweight
- He can play low volume trs


Configuration is very simple, very easy and you get a good sound ... Marshall.
The manual does not appear to me to be essential.


I needed a backup amp (in case o. ..). I'm a fan of MESA BOOGIE, but I wanted to turn to something else (less expensive ;-) . Two days APRS reu have this amp, my Rectoverb me loose in the middle of a balance. Without really having had time to be testing the Marshall found himself on scne. (This n'tait a small caf.
Branch on an 2x12 of the same brand, channel saturated at 3 / 4, the knob the guitar to control saturation. ... And Roll!!

Only for solos I just ram it is only the button of the amplifier to boost the volume.

Whether a strat team in HS6, a team in tl Tone Zone, it's done, but only on the Distortion channel. rglage of the prampli refines clarity.
Of course, this remark applies only if you use any effect (which is my case)

for the channel clear is less drle: critical effects, the rverb, even if it is correct is not enough.
Pushed to the max, the crunch channel does not clear properly, it makes me sound and gives a "cardboard". I am surprised trs, especially since the majority of opinions I've read seem positive on this point. It is possible that the state of the lamps in the cause. vrifier when I have the opportunity to change them.

Confirmation: just a lamp. dtail fcheux small: the chssis the amp can not receive any EL84. The Electro Harmonix, for example, are too large to pass 1 mm in rceptacle.

For all that is pop, rock, mtal (80/90) this amp is excellent. rglages mdium the acute and are quite effective, as low ... whether to remove! if you want to add, we realize that they are closer frquences mdium that low.
For large Nu Mtal type sounds, it will be just one can, without prampli and effects supplmentaires

HP is a celestion G12 E - 16 Ohm - 50w ... a fair bit too. More precisely wrong or exploit in an open box. It makes more acute and less G12T a low of 75w.
In a closed cabinet even smaller, it becomes INTERESTED.
What a pity, that there is a single 16 Ohm output HP!

No possibility to boost the volume for the solo, except a dealer with pedals in the effects loop with mix knob back.

No button prsence ... I got no need.


In reading the reviews below, I am purchasing this amp, "eyes closed".
And I must say ... THANK YOU!

I bought two months ago, in England, because, actually, it's pretty hard to find in time.

Dernire week, I tried RPET 'with a 4X12 1960 ... is standard!
marshall sound is the same if an ear lgre identify a diffrence in sound between the EL84 and EL34 of a JVM.
At the same time, to a BPS with a drummer a little fiery, mount the volume 6 or 7.

So I do not regret that choice, even if I am a big fan of versatility Mesa Boogie.

rocker68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL201
All t said the trs is complte CONNECTIVITY ...


Easy to learn, two channels each with their personality.


The pure Marshall sound! indescribable it is so beautiful (especially with a Les Paul)!

Finally a workable amp (20W) for home or small scnes (despite that we can transplant the course for larger configurations); more exploitable than DSL 401 which if it is to provides grain CHARACTERISTICS marshall will make you deaf or CPDA wallpaper!

Trs versatile.

For those who like the sound marshall you will be served for what you do not like dgout


One of the only usable marshall home with the studio 15 (I got too simplistic and too expensive for what it is) and the silver jubilee (gray arf!)

Run the search (if you still find and is rarely dnicher trs), you will not regret it!

Only a Marshall is good enough!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL201
This amp is as simple.
All Lamp, 20W which tears from light to saturate.
The JCM 2000 series and the series has the widest range of sounds in marshall.


An excellent value for money.


A product very healthy and very reliable with his true marshall.


You can get one eye closed.
Excellent value / quality / price (around 450 Euros).

handless's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall DSL201
All-tube amp
Effects loop, reverb ... everything is on the site Marshall.
Amp trs in full equipment for a "small" amp.


Using super easy since only two channels, but the possibility of rglages trs many are in fact due to the interactions between different potentiomtres gain, volume on channel saturet the master volume.


Whatever the rglages, this amp sounds!
It can range from the ultra light has a good juicy distortion, or to overload the power amp for a good blues, everything has a volume contrlable, which is trs apprciable .. . Lack just a bit of bass and dynamics to be perfect, that said, I compare my Hot-Rod is a real monster of the cot l..

Sound distortion is pure marshall, which is a compliment when the sound clear, nothing to do with a marshall, which is a compliment ... as the gain of this channel is sufficient to have a nice little o / d with a Start and a crunch, argl,,, sublime with a les paul.

The power is perfect for playing in the apartment ', but I think it will add sound in the rpt.


I wanted a marshall amp that sounds in the great tradition and I am servi.De addition, the clear sound is REALLY good, so that this amp is really versatile.
No longer fabriquj'ai bought mine in the United States for 400 all inclusive (amp + custom + port), the same passage in 220v is a formal (also thank you to sav Gaffarel, comp tent and availability).

A product that lives up to the reputable marshall, it's really good stuff.
I would do without this choice hsitation.