Marshall TSL122
Marshall TSL122

TSL122, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 TSL series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall TSL122

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 9 reviews )
 3 reviews33 %
 5 reviews56 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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benoit-063's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
It is a 100watts amp with 4 power tubes and 4 pre amp.


Its configuration is not very asy pa but it is not difficult

readily obtained a good sound (it is a normal marshall lamps)


I play with a les paul standard piphone a lot really! Where I am is a bit of a crunch channel level, I find it lacks PCHE (APRS is just be with what I bought and OCCAZ that I have to change lamps Pramper.
The clean channel is very good but very clear when you push the gain you get a crunch sound limit.
The lead channel is also great because we get it right well saturated (even very good)

I play the guns; of Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Nirvana ... and the sound is great to play it vraimen group.


I use it for a few months already and I do not ENTSO my purchase!
but "only" negatives point is that even when PSE approximately 30Kg!

fabulusfab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
Good to see other CHARACTERISTICS think I'm tired of repeating. it's a good amp Marshall lamp.


Trs simple operation, turn the buttons and it works.
there is a clear channel, crunch, lead. the most difficult with this kind of amp is always to find the right rglage between gain and volume, because if a suitable rglage 3 in volume when pushing the amp a little Sound is completely changed. (This is normal lights) so you have to start over.
the manual is not useful for this amp, there is no problem.


I play mostly rock, to metal. clean sounds are beautiful even with an electro, the marshall for the kick is strong.
on the crunch and lead, of course it is the sound that likes to marshall (c my case) so the can also be surprised at the sound of that little lead trs much closer to a M saboogie. (I said get closer). I was able to compare at a festival, the marshall n'tait not ridiculous even if the nomtal is not his field prdilection.
renvanche in for the rock sound may mesa marshall get dressed and found its mark of nobility that we have in our youth RV.


This is an amp that I use for 4 years, repeating scne and I am satisfied because I trs is versatile enough to the style of music I play. I think it's an amp to try, either you love it or hate this versatility typ biensr Marshall!
quality report "excellent price!!

RaphRaymond's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
Amp 100Watts lamp with 2HP and all three channels (clean and overdrive distortion). All parameters are separated, including the level of loop and reverb between clean and distortion.
I do not metals, there's the site of Marshall and other comments.


The config is simple, the panel is well done and quite clear.
Is obtained very quickly all kinds of sounds can the amp ... Namely three or four, in fact ... What Marshall, different EQ knob are not hyper extended, the switch of the bright clean is almost obligatory, the scoop of the crunch is a bit redundant, as that of the distortion because it does not radically change the sound ...
Independent reverb level is a good idea to have on clean and not saturation without having to switch ...


The clean channel is very nice. It is often said that one of the best clean Marshall and I want to believe. It has "finally" a sense of dynamics and depth of lamps giving this relief so special and that the transistors do not ... JCM900 but that does not have much either. It is even slightly depending slamming guitars and microphones.
The crunch channel is really great, it's Marshall that his research often. The big overdrive that spot, ideal for the Hendrix and AC / DC for example. One pert pronfondeur dynamics and we had to clean in a much more bold.
The distortion channel is very vintage distortion, do not play metal on it is not made for that. So it's a fairly fat distortion aussin there, and very very Péchu medium. One switch lowers mediums but it is not conclusive and frankly, it's certainly a bit type sound, making it a little less runny / medium, but remains in the vintage and not in the "modern hi-gain" . It is an ideal channel to play the old and heavy har 70/80, but no more.
The reverb is not very pretty.


I tested it in the store long enough, I did not take.
I found this great Marshall in his style ... but it's not mine at all, I need my things colder snapping and modern, certainly offers a Marshall HiGain marked channel but do not s 'to deceive and to confuse HiGain = metal, it's just a Marshall distortion well with large medium that spot well as it should, in addition to a channel that lacks the CJM before. No sound revolution, then we play the AC / DC, Hendrix, Kravitz's, the Led Zep ... The rest will be just for fun quickly, but the grain have not.
I do not like it, but I put a note because it does very well what it is made.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
See below ...


The setup is simple if we integrate out the fact that it has almost three preamps on hand. The settings are simple, the EQ is moderately effective. The increase in noise level is easy to dose, it is usable in full for the occasion (it is far from amps on which we will never exceed the 2).
The effects loop is pretty complex, but it must be said that the complexity is related to a wealth of connectivity options and setting.
It's even what I dislike about this type of amp will do everything in one amp can lead to the design of a "gas factory". On paper we pay for: 100 w/30w, good 2 HP, 3 channels, a pedal very useful and robust, a recording output, the boost, effects loop, 2 reverbs, etc..


That's my problem, the sound! Those who say it sounds bad times are bad, it's a good amp. With humbuckers channel 2 and 3 dépotent. However, it is a particular sound. I find it in clean dry enough: too low, a veil over the medium and treble booster must be at the risk of having a not very musical brilliance. In short, I have a Fender Rhodes for my Performer 1000 (ok but not upsetting amp), well, it surpasses the Marshall clean sound.

The best channel for me is the 2, it is perfectly in line Marshall, I had a two-body JCM 800, and I find the same grain with the big advantage of better control the volume.
Channel 3 for large distortion is not very useful for me (matter of taste, I do not play metal), I prefer to boost the crunch of 2 with a pedal for solos and big chords. But for large saturations it is very efficient.

This is certainly a matter of taste, but I think for the price, a Fender 2x12 HotRod is much higher (again I do not metal). on the other hand when you can have both, channel 2 with a Les Paul is really terrible.

Finally I find the reverb rather fuzzy, I do not like it at all!


One week of use, the amp the guitarist in my group.

The -: all in an impossible, the reverb is poor, the clean channel (too low, medium pasty, etc..), The EQ, the pots

The +: 3 channels under the feet, the pedals tough, the connectivity, the VPR, channel 2 (awesome), it makes me want to buy a HotRod 30 or AC

I had on hand for quite some time: Fender Blues Junior, Fender The Twin, Marshall JCM800, JCM 900, Valvestate 2 corps, VOX AC 30, 30 Matchless, H & K Attax, Fender Deluxe 85, Performer 1000, Peavey Classic 50 ...
I think the normal price for a 3-channel two good lamps with HP.
This is the choice of the guitarist in my group, it has a good Les Paul, so it sounds.

beastylif's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
The t have enough CHARACTERISTICS mentioned below ... right?
It's all light ...


For my part, I bought it in perfect state (like new), but used all the same. So I did not notice. Ingnieur not need to be, is a branch and sounds! Sounds Marshall anyway ... The two effects loops mritent we dig a little deeper to the head, but no problemo ...
For cons, I keep some restraint with the settings "contour" for now ... I think inconclusive To be frank, I do not prs no diffrence in the game ... By comparison, I had an old two bodies Marshall Valvestate 100 W 8100, and it felt ... But I have not had the opportunity to "open the floodgates" in terms of volume for now, I reckon it's li ... ;-) So in any Reserved.
Other than that: 3 volumes, 3 EQ etc ... is really excellent. all configurations are possible, and we get what some people say a true versatility.
The Big BMOL just a fragile potentiomtres it seems! Mine is in customer service. The OD1 and OD2 2 volumes lach me. It seems that the quality of the components is questionable. I remain convinced that Marshall would not be the case if c'tait ... Assent consumer would fall ... And ever as clean t mine when I bought it I do not know how the Previous Owner 'was used.


I play a Gibson Les Paul, and frankly sounds a really strong ... I play the Rock together, and really does!
I heard everything on this amp and this brand gnral! Like "not for its clear," "worst all-tube Marshall SERIES" I was even told that the production had nothing do with an old JCM 800 ... etc. Ben I say: Connect, Play, Listen ... and we shall adopt the "one says." Everyone will make his ide but MRIT that it costs the clear sound. It's bright, and slammed both round, it's Ok with a Les Paul, but I assure you that the sound is really l. ..
CRUNCH for the Canal, it's Marshall, and we will dj far enough in overdrive, from blues to rock.
LEAD for the Canal, the slap ben ... C no mesa, the Correct ... but it is not only one bought it eh?
For my part, I play a lot with my CRY BABY, and I find myself really.
In a résumé and growth rings, the harmonics emerge and precision is the same with the background gain is still prcis!


In rsum I do not regret my purchase really not, it sounds really my taste. But I like the sound Marshall have always been.
The BMOL potentiomtre rviser I am not my decision, my Valvestate is 13 and it still works perfectly! I would never not yet the mark in question.
Even if some "was no longer the era of the JCM 800 ... etc ..."
We knew dj ... thank you! Besides, it is not called such!

Wheelyy69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
- All Tube Amp
- 120 W RMS
- 2 HP 12 ", Line Out XLR, 2 FX loops, a 5-way footswitch (clean, crunch, lead, reverb, fx)
- The settings in all directions: a and a gain equalizer (bass, middle, treble) per channel, a reverb, fx mix and presence in the clean and the same thing for the crunch + lead. Besides the "mix boost", "tone shift" and other "deep"
- No headphone jack: '(


- Not to widen the meninges of hours: one branch and it works. The config is instinctive. I just looked at the manual to understand both a 2-loop effects (there are subtleties) and HP connections.
- As long as the lamps are a little hot, the sound is excellent!
- The manual is clear but the lack of photos to support the text.


- This amp suits my music style, very pop-rock.
- The sounds are accurate, even with the lead gain in depth.
- I have a pti gap when I go to crunch or lead to clean with the footswitch.
- The possibilities of different sounds are almost endless!



- The sound Marshall
- The 2 HP
- The "Virtual Power Reduction", which reduces the output level to 25 watts while using all the lights.
- The separate EQ for each channel (that's what made me decide to buy it)
- The 2 effects loops


- No headphone jack (I think my neighbor hates me now ...)
- The gap on the footswitch
- The gain on the clean channel (if you want to play hard, well it is necessary at some point to mount the gain: ca saturates)
- The weight)
angus young09/18/2005

angus young's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
I'm going to court!


For those who criticize the tsl 122.
adpends also the guitarist and guitar sound!


I'm not super good since made only 3 years I learn!
but I have a friend who plays extremely well!
I say that with him adcoiffe! I come out yet has the same sounds on the amp.


So you learn a challenge in your decision! and be objective!
is the basis of the jcm 900 on channel crunch, and lead to the most modern
So with this amp you play all styles!
I'm glad mine even if I can not operate a 100% by my lack of level!
except that I say!

iron28's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
The TSL 122 is a 100 watt all-tube combo with 4 EL34 quip in power and 4 ECC83 in prampli.
It is mounted with 2 HP 12 'celestion: a heritage and a vintage.
5-way Footswitch: clean, crunch, lead, reverb, FX.
It has 3 channels: clean crunch and lead with qualisation spar for each channel and two loop ffects.
for the clean channel are the knobs: volume, gain, treeble, middle, bass, reverb, prsence, Fx (FFECT loop) and a button "mid boost" to accentuate mdiums and "deep" to dig the sound
For the crunch and lead: same config with a touch more "tone shift" for more mdium and bass.
Basically it is as if we had 3 amps!
In addition to this there is a button VPR: rducteur is a power Reduces Intgr that the power of the machine about 30 Watts without ngliger the quality of sound which is good when playing alone in an apartment!
So it is quite comprehensive and in addition it is imposing and it jte, so I put a 9 because nothing is perfect!


Regarding the use is simple and old marshall!
We choose the channel on the RULES qualisation and gain hope as we play and it sounds like hell!
For once the knobs are in Marshall trs prcis was fun to find his own sound!
We pass aisment a channel with another without footswich dcalage what is right when we play live!
We play at home, or in concert with RPET not worry, there's the VPR (rducteur power)!
At home we like to have a vpr his fill because the neighbors not need to push the knobs back home without s'croule before you!
And we live rgale with 100 watts that the amp dlivre.
Also the manual has a great explanation to understand each of the knobs and use them well.
The amp and stronger he can see pass the year without a problem
All this deserves a 10 because Marshall knew rctifier the weakness of yesteryear and the RVP is top!


A Here we are at the best, which is why we achte an amp: the sound it DGIG!
and we are well served royally!
We all know of many reputable bad marshall for clear sound without sounding cold claret brief making more discouraged and leave a presto competitor in the Fender.
Well I have t surprised by the work that marshall ffectuer for clear sound.
on discovering a brilliant, crystalline, slamming the gal of Fender, Marshall's never home!
more and pushing the gain knob you get a nice round little crunch!
As for crunch and lead channels, we arrive in what is the pride of the brand that recognizes this saturation for years the famous marshall distortion!

From the JCM 800 and 900 is the undisputed REFERENCE his Marshall JCM2000 was resumed on all of these mythical CHARACTERISTICS MODELS and providing the modern day.
Let me explain:
crunch on channel one finds the grain from the Marshall JCM800 and a warm little dirty when pushed.
Sound totalemnt adapt to the blues when the gain is at a minimum, and hardrock when you push the gain in the last ditch!
As for the lead channel: oula moves away children and the elderly because it's going dcoiffer!
amplifier is discovering the High gain.
There are a large reserve of grain not need to push the knob to gain background to realize that hard ca!
This channel has really t cr for lovers of mtal!
ca sent very rarely seen in other marshall a big sound like l!
Caution is not a mesa but it grows strong and impressive ca!


Finally I would say the TSL122 amp and a fairly complete at rglage (3 channels) and its level, the power is rducteur pratiquedans his apartment!
It combines a trs good clear sound with a marshall for the disto own all the marshall and going up to the extreme saturation.
A good amp with a big reserve of gain.
For lovers of Marshall fans found out the good as the marshall JCM900 but given good old days.
for lovers of heavy budget mtal lightweight s'aurais I advise that their TSL122 because the lead channel has t designed for serious sound!
This MRIT September 1 because of course it's not the mesa!

So good compromise with its light / saturation
trs qualitprix and good value!
Brief ...... a rgale.
el ouistiti04/29/2005

el ouistiti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall TSL122
- Receiver has everything lamp. 4x ECC83 preamp and for a 4x EL34 power stage.

- Output power 100 watt (already too much for my taste)

- The connection is good, entrance facade. At the rear there are two effects loops, three outputs with different impedances, an XLR output to connect directly to a mixer and how to connect the footswitch.

- 3 Channel, a clean, crunch and a big distortion. Each of the channels at an EQ and a volume knob and gain. There are two reverb, controlling the mix of effects loops and buttons of presence ... one for the clean channel and one for distortion CHANNELS. There is also a mute button VPR and output and a button and Deep tone shift for each CHANNELS distortion and mid boost to clean.


The-config is not too complicated ... You branch t'allume (correctly without pressing any buttons at a time) and you fiddle with the buttons and it comes out of her footstool.

- Ah the good sound ... sound is on .. well we will see later.

- Is a textbook?? I have not serrieux not even open!


While talking about ... sounds.

- Ben but I do rock, blues mainly but also a bit of everything by side and be honest: No it does not suit me!

- I play a Les Paul classic and I just use a Dunlop Wah .. All complemented by the reverb of the amp.

- While the sound is a big piece of low ... Exaggerating slightly, the titanic who misses me every time I touch the low E. Not seriously at first I thought I could not settle so I try to change some things ...
* I tried the EQ is good but the marshall so basically that is it for in deco.
* I Inrush the VPR ... result: the best but still ca.
* The tone shift button gives his best but is always there to do that remains close to his nag with no interest.
* Finally, I even try to add an equalizer ... ca is still nothing bad!

As for the clean sound is still what's left of right on the amp. The sound is clear and quite slamming ... ok for accompaniment but no more. The same, just by touching everything we can improve a little sound quality but it's still not enough.

- So to sum up its sound distortion too big and without much nuance. When the crunch, they are not too bad but already too big and too crunch at low volumes. Its ok sounds clear (by saying that the marshall too) but not enough to make two pages.

I would put 5 telling me that it's still very nice for an amp for that price, I'd rather buy a hybrid amp and put money in something else.


- Actually I used a friend in an hour but I got so fed up of having this big sound without qualification that I prefer playing on a fender with a distortion pedal for.
- The characteristic I like most is probably the feature that I think RVP is good even if it not replace a power soak, and its effectiveness is quite limited. What I like least, and yet it is what is expected of an amp is the sound.
"I played on many amps, including a fender (not quite comparable to the distortion) and a Dr. Z and I must say that Marshall was by far the last ... when the first was Dr. Z me well above its quality in the bass and sharp in the treble.
- Excellent stopover ... is clearly a better way to get this award.
- No ... I began to seriously question the marsh (m) all in general because they are some good amp but also a lot of shit!