Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve

Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve

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YCV80 Custom Valve, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Traynor.

4 user reviews
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Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Traynor
  • Model: YCV80 Custom Valve
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 08/27/2006

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Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
MGR/Peter Miller11/24/2003

MGR/Peter Miller's review"Traynor YCV-80"

Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve
How: I found myself with a decent wad oif cash, and after after dreaming of versatile amplifier for years, I picked this one up.

Where: Fazio's Frets and Friends, St. Louis, MO

Price: $720.00 US

First of all, this is an all-tube amp, and it's a beast! The chassis is solid plywood, and you can tell when you try to pick it up. There is a steel grate in front of the speakers, too, so if you kick it, you stand no chance of damaging the the two Celestion 70/80s, and even if you do break something, or if you get your kicks at chunking Traynor amps out of your car when you're going 80 on the highway, Traynor will pay for the repairs or replace the amp altogther. Who else offers that kind of warranty? Anyway this thing has an amazing sound: at Fazio's, where I purchased the unit, there is an entire room filled with every kind of amp imaginable, from the lowest Crate, to Peaveys and Cornfords, Genz-Benzs, and even completely custom Riveras--the baseline Rivera goes for $2500. In anycase, I nabbed an Amercican Strat, and later a Parker Nightfly M, which I also purchased, and plugged it into every amp in my price range, which was up to $1000, and it came down to a 25th Anniversary Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 212 and this Traynor. With Eminence speakers, the Hot Rod cannot keep up with the Celestions in the Traynor, although the Fender seems to have its own niche more in the realm of blues. The Traynor, however, is much more versatile, or so I found it: the array of sound that you can get from the lead channel alone is unbelievable. The gain can provide as much distortion as I will ever desire, and the scoop button will automatcially pulls out the mids and boosts the bass to give a little more edge and chunk to your solos. Then there is the rhythm channel with brighness and expander switches that just make the amp sound that much better. The treble boosts and deep bottom end (respectfully) that these buttons add to your sound are enough make any electric sound like the best Breedlove or Santa Cruz acoustic guitars around (that might be stretching it, but is sounds pretty awesome). Anyway, you can add brighter attack for acoustics, or to simulate acoustics, and expand the range of frequencies to add additional warmth to the natuarally warm sound of a tube amp. I play mainly acoustics, including a Taylor 410ce, and my acoustics sound simply as good, if not better, through the Traynor as they do through a dedicated acoustic amp such as my SWR Strawberry Blonde. The versatily of this amp is unmatched--my Parker Nightfly gains an unspeakable presence when plugged into this amp. And I love spring reverb, and the reverb on this amp is no exception. (Does anyone else like that clack of the spring when you rock a tube amp?) Few amps in this price range can rival this sound, or at least that is my experience.
But to change gears, this amp is the perfect gig and studio amp: it has a balanced XLR line out and a 1/4 inch line out or headphone jack, as well as a jack for extension speakers units--Traynor makes speaker cabinets that match their amps, including the sweeping rake of the front grate! Now here's the cool part: these amps have a speaker defeat so when you're in the studio and running a direct out from the amp, you don't have to unplug the speakers and take a chance at overloading the tubes: you just click the switch to turn off the speakers and add a fake load to the tubes! How cool is that! In addition the amp features a stero effect loop, and you can even adjust the volume of the natural imput going into the effects loop, as well as the volume coming out of the loop, so you can hear both the natural and "effected" sounds from the guitar and adjust the volumes of both individually--I hope that made sense. In anycase, for $720 US, I haven't found a better deal on any amp. The guy who helped me out even said he doesn't know how Traynor can pack so much into an amp and ask so little money for, and the answer is certainly not in the quality--this amp isn't like something out of China, it's made in good ol' Canada!

My only qualm so far, after four weeks, is that if the amp doesn't receive full power, it has a tendency to get really bassy--not necessarily muddy, but enough to rattle something back there, most likely one of the tubes. I have this amp plugged into a socket that is on the same circuit as my washing machine, so when the laundry is going I prefer to stick with my acoustic amp simply due to the loss of sound. To go along with that, when power is not abundant, every once in a while you'll hear a big pop from the amp, and, because it is so unexpected, it's enough to stop you where you stand. But other that that, I love this amp.

Again, the quality is unquestionably wonderful, and if it's not and something breaks in the next two years, which I highly doubt, Traynor will fix or give me a new one! They must have pretty good faith in their product to offer a warranty like that and I'm coming to agree with them.

Try one, check 'em out, play one againt all the amps you can get your hands on. It won't sound as good as a Rivera, I understand, but any Rivera will cost you an arm and a leg! The Traynor will give you all that you need, and probably more. You will be happily surprised by this amp, just as I was, and I thought I was settled on a Hot Rod Deluxe! After several visits to guitar stores, and after a bit of shopping around, I made my decision, and I am thankful for it everyday.

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MGR/Bobby Pols11/26/2002

MGR/Bobby Pols's review"Traynor YCV 80 Custom Valve 80"

Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve
I acquiried this unit at Long and McQaude, TO, Canada. I payed $855 plus tax on top.

The price is great for an all tube amp. All tube amps have a warmer, creamier tone then the solid state ones. Very powerful speaker with 80 watts and plenty of options as far as hook ups go in the back. Two seperate channels with the usual settings for the lead, and clean channel like mid, treb, bass plus a reverb for booth and master volume. Some neat features are standby switch to save tubes, scoop for more bass and crunch on lead drive, expander for higher highs on the clean channel. Diffently a good sounding amp! Try it out, if not try out the little brother, the custom valve 40.

The first one i got was humming like a bitch. I returned and got a new one. Distortion is great but a little fuzzy as it is vintate. This is not due to cheapness however, but the fact that its more a vintage sounding amp, and thats the sound of distortion in that era. Wish there was more to the footpetal and seperate reverb per channel.

solid, body. 60 lbs. 2 x 12 inch celestion speakers. Can take a beatin. Knobs are indented to provide protection agaisnt breaking.

Great sounding amp, even better price. great 2 year no questions asked warrenty. I recommend it to all! at least try the ycv 40!

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MGR/vanwarp's review"Yorkville Traynor Custom Valve YCV80-212"

Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve
I'm a guitar amp fanatic. My wife says I have an amp tone disorder of some sort. Just can't seem to get enough of it. So I've been looking at amps for quite some time. I can't afford THE BEST money can buy so I have to find that magic in an affordable amp.

A year ago, the Traynor Custom Valve 40 (YCV40-112) came close, but I held out. I was seriously considering getting a Peavey Ultra 212 when the YCV80-212 came about. I just had to try one out to compare...

It is an awesome deal even at its listed price of $999! But you could get it for less :)

As far as the features go, this amp is very versatile and it’s got tone! You get 80 watts rms, 4 - 6L6B power tubes and 3 - 12AX7A pre-amp tubes, auto-balancing bias (means you don’t need to match tubes - great feature for emergency tube replacement), 2 channels with individual tone controls, on the lead channel you get a boost switch (for leads) and a scoop switch (deep bass boost), and on the clean channel you get a brightness switch and an expander switch (adds deep bottom and sparkling highs). To complete the rest of the front panel attributes are a standby switch (to keep the tubes warmed up during breaks), master reverb knob (Accutronics reverb with dual springs) and a master volume control knob.

The rear panel includes one visible 1/4" exterior speaker jack (actually has two, if you disconnect internal speakers, you can connect two 4 ohm external speaker cabs, nice feature guys), speaker mute switch (for silent recording or when using headphones), one channel select/boost 1/4" footswitch jack, Balanced XLR line out (with speaker emulation), a headphone jack, one loop thru jack (for effects pedals), and a parallel effects loop with individual level controls for send and return.

Finally, the amp is loaded with 2 - 12" Celestion 70/80 speakers...sounds different than Vintage 30's but that's OK!

No separate reverb controls for each channel, no footswitch jack to switch the reverb and the FX loop on/off. The scoop function can not be activated by the footswitch. Also, the footswitch does not activate the brightness and/or the expander switches on channel 2. The dual footswitch comes with a 10' cable...20' would have been better.

Also, there is NO impedance select switch in order to match loads if you wanted to add something other than a 4 ohm cab.

Don't get me wrong, I’m not complaining here, I’m just stating the facts...cause I LOVE this amp!

All plywood cabinet with black leatherette covering. The grill is perforated 18 gauge steel with silver cloth covering. Very nice vintage look. The chassis is slightly indented in the cab for ultimate protection of control knobs. The amp is portable but it weighs 65 lbs.

This is a great blues/rock amp. You can clearly see it was designed with tone in mind since both single coils and humbuckers sound awesome through it.

The tone is very warm and smooth. Experiment with the master volume and the channel volume knobs. If you max the master volume and lower the channel volume, you get a crispier sound, very close to a Marshall sound. If you lower the master volume 3/4 and raise the channel volume at 6/7, it sounds warmer. You will not be able to maintain this "warm" sound if you need to play louder, as you will have to increase the master volume and “unfortunately” you will get a crispier Marshall sounding tone.

Single coil guitars are particularly well suited to this amp. Guitars with humbuckers require "midrange" tone adjustments.

So you can dial in blues and rock no problem. Now you want the amp to do problem! Just set the gain knob at 10 and activate both the scoop and the boost. Try it with the master volume set at 10 and then set the channel volume as you wish. (Important FACT: the more channel volume you add, the more brutal metal sound you get!). OK, start with the treble and bass tone controls set at 10. Midrange control knob at 1. Adjust the midrange tone control knob depending on your guitar and the pickups you use. Add midrange until you find the metal zone you want. You can experiment with that sound by reducing BASS and TREBLE and readjusting midrange control knob. Don’t forget how the channel volume affects your sound...(OK, I’ll admit that I enjoy metal music, bands such as "In Flames" and "Soilwork" get me going, while other heavy death metal bands such as Cannibal Corpse DON'T!)

Anyway, back in the studio, the amp is quiet but yes there is a small amount of speaker noise when the volume is turned up. Guitars with active pickups make it worse. When playing with your band get into the habit of always deactivating the boost between songs to minimize speaker noise when on stage.

The clean channel starts to break up with the volume channel set above 5.

Experiment with the brightness and expander switch to see what you like best. This added versatility is great if you are a musician who loves variety. With this amp I should be able to learn a few "In Flames" songs without the need for a second amp for acoustic passages.

Just a joy to play through!

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SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatile, clever, full"

Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve
I have version 410 (4hp Celestion tube10), it weighs 32kgs weight ...
All tubes, but I suspect the ic's for loops and reverb output phones and di nothing detrimental.
Particularity of the thing, the four lamps (5881 ditto 6L6) are adjusted automatically so no need to make the bias or purchase Quartetts. Besides zero noise off.

2 channels each with volume and EQ, plus various filters (scoop, bright). Master volume (YES!) and master reverb.
A parallel loop (Adjustable settings and return) plus a serial (not adjustable, TRS and that's it).
Headphone output! We can also play dumb without risk (speaker defeat button switched course).
Jack for extra hp, as if there are 4 10 inches were not enough fuss ...
The mini impedance of the amp is 2ohms, it's great all the possibilities are open to you and you cramerez not stupid!
Footswitch supplied with LEDs for channel change and boost the saturax.
Pff ...


Very smart the beast, but easygoing.
The settings are progressive (that F. .. decidedly never understand) and musically effective it is probably a passive EQ for two channels.
In practice once I set that adjusts the volume of the clean channel changing guitars, and it sounds every time.

The typical construction super reverb / bassman fact that large volume ben bass are too present even at the minimum. Rest serial loop to bail you out with a low-cut crossover eg Traynor thank you!
The maximum score on the use, it is not better in any lamps.

Level building is good wood (not chipboard kind of hot rod deluxe) and the box is stuck on the front panel does not move like fire on my 59ltd bassman (may he rest in peace I could stand it) .


Well, it's warm and velvety, not too much grain in fact unless you taffer the bowls.
The clean the rest almost all along, the overdrive has more character and the boost is daunting as it grows and is surly. In practice it makes a really rare 3 channels and the volume is hair cell that fixed.

Serious resources are impressive, do not you will recognize your strat (thunderbolt insured).
This is not a Fender clean sound (which is never clean) but mat, even a les paul spring well.

The saturax is rather peavey in fact, with this nice balance of frequencies and the grain a packed hair makes guitars sing without piercing the eardrums.

Parallel loop works great (I put a wet delay), the other not tested.
Finished pedals upstream moreover, the amp is very good as is what good complicate life ...
As I stand at a respectable distance (80w lamps in 4x10pouces Celestion! ...) I have 3 meters of the guitar in a pedal tuner size 6-9 m and from there to the amp without signal loss or treble.

I mounted jensen to see, and grain remained despite the fact that the Celestion are much more typical rock. The clean is even more so, I would choose to leave it as stock.


A tool for exceptional work, we can do anything, and it is very safe to use.
What could blame him it is a very polished character, but it only applies if you do not get the master ... politeness has its limits!

As it is high enough it is easy to handle despite its weight, surprising.

So full of surprises, a sacred command of technology and implementation is flawless.

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