Vox AC4TV8
Vox AC4TV8
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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 2 reviews )
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iamqman's review

Vox AC4TV8
This is one of Vox's excellent economic style practice amps. This amp is built with one thing in mind, "how can we make something portable and small that will still carry a usable and warm tone". Vox has certainly achieve that quite well with this amp.

This little portable mini amp comes in a small package but carries a huge rich full tone that is very good for light recording and or small apartments. If you have small place where you live and cannot crank a Vox AC30 up or a Marshall of some kind then this might be a little amp that will do you well.


Vox AC4TV8 4-watt, 1 x 8" Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:

* Affordable all-tube design
* Switchable output levels — 4 watts, 1 watts, 1/10 watts
* Vintage Vox styling
* External speaker output
* Controls: Tone, Volume, OP Level (4W, 1W, 1/10W)
* I/O jacks: Input, external speaker jack 1/4")
* Output: 4-watt RMS 16-ohm
* Speakers: AC4TV — 1 x 8" 16-ohm Celestion VX8 custom speaker;
* Tube complement: 1 x 12AX7 (pre)/1 x EL84 (power)
* Dimensions: 11.81" (W) x 12.68" (D) x 7.64" (H)
* AC4TV8 Weight: 15.65 lbs.


If you are going for a Vox Ac30 tone then this amp probably isn't for you. It does have a Vox tonal characteristic but it doesn't sound like an AC30. Yet you can still play the same genre of music that you would in an AC30 setting.

This amp accepts effect pedals quite well. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how ell it does do pedals. Try using it with a Strat, an Eventide Timefactor, and an overdirve pedal of some sort like a Fulltone OCD or am Ibanez Tubescreamer. You will get great workable tone that won't even wake up you baby sleeping up stairs. If you have thin walls then switch the output wattage all the way down to 1/10 of a watt. This will be about as quite as you can possibly get.


This is great little amp that does very well in small living spaces and still be able to crank up some solid overdriving tones. I'm am not sure if Vox still makes this particular model, but they do have some very similar in wattage and space. They will run between $200- $250 depending on where you buy it.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs something that sounds Vox-like and needs to keep the noise levels down. If you have an apartment or babies around like I do then this is a nice little amp that will keep you from getting the cops called or your wife screamer at you.

clysthène's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC4TV8
Guitar amp combo lamps 4W Class A (pramplification 12AX7, EL84 power). HP 8 "custom Celestion VX8.

Between a Hi-Z instrument, an area between IEC and output in HP 16 Ohms.

A power selector (1/10W, 1W, 4W), a volume and a potentiomtre of Tone. Switch stop / start with a tmoin ct red light.


No effect, use is very simple and intuitive: you plug the guitar into the amp, it amne sector amplifier, the amp is switched on, a full minute the time the lights heat a little, and we play.

Use in flat: attention to the neighbors if the slecteur is about 1W or 4W. On 1/10W, we come to saturate the pramplificateur lamp, which gives the grain Vox, with many acute and bold time. Dfine is good, it makes good use of the combo without too Drang. The Tone of CONTRL is ractif he did what he asked. But it is the guitar that everything goes REALLY (at rglage game and microphones), and that's all the intrt of this amp. Its really a clear day you can go to 1W and the volume low. In any case, this slecteur power is really useful.

Studio use: the one can grow up to 4W, which keeps some clarity without saturating directly. The HP trs directive (which may be an advantage *) closeback forces, so that as you are o from the amp, the sound will change significantly: you make a crouching rglage ct you get up to play, you will have lost the sense of bass. So attention is not own this amp, but all the combos and speaker whose rear is closed.

Rptition use: I have not tried but I guess that 4W, if your local is not too bright and your drummer is not a brute, a should do well. That said, we must try.

* The advantage is that with two microphones, one can have a multitude of its placement under diffrent them, so really get what you want in the style of music and mix DSIR . Ide: put a microphone just above the plastic grid on top of the amp, you RCup bass. Another microphone in the axis, the center of the DCAL lgrement HP, you shuffled one of two fates, you will get a rich and sumptuous.


I play rock, more or less violent.

By plugging the guitar directly into the amp, it remains all the same in his typical british Vox (which I love) but has limitations in the violence.

By adding various pedals (distos, overdrive, chorus / flanger ...), the amp completely changes behavior, and for the better. He collects a perfectly DS-1 grows back, I had fun connecting a MT-2 and surprising! It is discovering a new versatility of the amp.

In short, a perfect amplifier match my needs: Entran and registration.


I use it for one month ending for perfectly happy with my purchase. Trs good amp for rock, blues, jazz, possibly. Nu metal, even when not, but it does not matter since it is not music!

I only regret potentiomtre a gain that would have grate a little better prampli, but with the slecteur power, it's OK.

Referring to Valbee home Ibanez, whose name "Hi-gain" made me flee, with an HP 8 "is better than the 6.5" bass-reflex, which made it really Hi limit-Fi mini-string with the Loudness button. But I guess the public is not the same screws.

Another important point, there is no effects loop. It does not matter as it may, especially for the use that I have, but it is better to have quality effects (with bypass correct) if a change many things.