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AKG Tube Condenser Microphones user reviews

  • AKG SolidTube

    AKG SolidTube - "Let your vocals shine"


    The AKG solid tube is a condenser microphone that will provide you will top notch quality for your vocal recordings. I found that the best use of this microphone comes in a treated room and not a big open space. You can afford this mic for your home …

  • AKG C 12

    AKG C 12 - yoTrakkz's review


    The AKG C 12 mic is one of the best tube condenser mics in history, flat out! It is a ide address, large diaphragm design. The AKG c 12 is a top of the line mic and is the reason a lot of other mic exist such as the 414 series and the Telefunken’s El…


    AKG C 12A NUVISTOR - moosers's review


    The AKG C12A is a unique condenser microphone that uses the capsule from a regular AKG C 12 microphone, but hooks up to a nuvistor impedance converter. A nuvistor is a kind of vacuum tube. The microphone portion of the C12A actually looks more like…

  • AKG C 60

    AKG C 60 - moosers's review


    The AKG C 60 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that's designed for use in the studio. I don't know the exact years of production on the C 60, but it's no longer being made and can definitely be considered 'vintage.' The mic has a cardioid p…

  • AKG SolidTube

    AKG SolidTube - "Gotta love Tube Mics!"


    This is a tube condenser microphone. As such, it really should only be used on professional grade recording projects in studios. Elsewhere, it'll either be too noisy, pick up too much ambient noise, or be in too loud an environment to work well. Not …

  • AKG C 12 VR

    AKG C 12 VR - moosers's review


    The AKG C 12 VR is the latest version of the classic C 12 large diaphragm condenser microphone. Experienced engineers and recording geeks will of course know that the C 12 is one of the most sought after tube microphones, and microphones in general …

  • AKG SolidTube

    AKG SolidTube - moosers's review


    The AKG Solidtube is a large diaphragm tube based condenser microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  As is the case with all tube condenser mics, I wouldn't recommend using this mic anywhere outside of the studio, meaning they ar…

  • AKG Perception 820 Tube

    AKG Perception 820 Tube - moosers's review


    The AKG Perception 820 Tube is a microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  I wouldn't recommend using this outside the studio at all since it is a tube mic and isn't made for any sort of wear and tear.   This is a fragile micropho…

  • AKG C61

    AKG C61 - moosers's review


    The AKG C61 is a small diaphragm tube condenser microphone that is designed for the recording studio and the recording studio only.  This is a unique mic becuase you don't see too many microphones that small diaphragm and have a tube in them, so it m…

  • AKG C 12

    AKG C 12 - mooseherman's review


    These studio mics are tube condenser mics that work really well. They need a power supply to operate. They are great for picking up a wide range of frequencies, which makes them pretty useful in many contexts. Every studio I've been in that impressed…