Bugera 333XL
Bugera 333XL
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Bugera 333XL

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 12 reviews )
 5 reviews42 %
 3 reviews25 %
 3 reviews25 %
 1 user review8 %

Mattfig's review"Quite nice"

Bugera 333XL
This is an all tube amp...Standard 1/4 connections...

Here's the specs:
Hand-built 120-Watt amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 valves (convertible to 6L6)
Classic 3-channel preamp design (Clean, Crunch, Lead) featuring 4 x 12AX7 valves
Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb control
XL switches on the Lead and Crunch channels for absolute killer sounds
Independent Equalizer sections for each channel with dedicated Bass, Mid and Treble control
Classic Presence control for awesome sound shaping
Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohm) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
FX Loop with independent Send and Return level controls also serves as Boost function
Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel selection and FX Loop/Boost function included
Line output with dedicated Level control


The sound is pretty nice with EL34s...WIth 6L6 it sounds buzzy....It's easy to control and understand and dialing it in is quite simple....You'll know within twenty minutes if you like it or not,,,,I liked it but not enough to keep it...

It is not built well enough to withstand road treatment although if you are keeping it in one place, it sure looks nice...

The manual is quite useful and informative....It tells you how to get what you want from the amp which is cool...


All guts and basses sounded as they should through this amp...It seems to prefer hum buckers as it is based on heavy tone...Its tone falls somewhere between Marshall and Peavey...Has the Marshall mids but the peavey fuzz...

The cleans are acceptable....Crunch is ok....OD is the best channel....Quite mean and easy to control...Not the greatest end tone but it's more than respectable...

The additional controls give you quite a bit of tone shaping ability...


I like the look and features on this amp...But mainly, I liked the price...It is better than what you pay for...Just not as much as I hoped...

The tone is not anything new or unique...Generic rock and metal....It's good tone...Just a middle-of-the-road rock tone...

I have many other amps and wanted to lie this one but just couldn't...WOuldn't buy a Bugera again...Unless it was one that was road-worthy...

stephane.nlc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sacred gear"

Bugera 333XL
Amp head: all lamp

Connections: 1 input and 1 low gain input high gain

Power: 120 watts

Treble, bass, midrange / presence
Volume gain
3 channels (clean, rhythm, lead)
Pushbutton "xl" to accentuate the saturation at low volume
At the rear, gain volume of his "solo"


Configuration very simple
I do not have a manual and have not been useful
Both in saturation in clean, sound research is wanted very easily.
Each knob has its effectiveness and impact.


I play mostly Metallica so I do not think it is really suitable "good".
So I used the feast in my garage for me to hear that sound good "dirty" typical death metal and modern for my taste.

The clean can be alleviated by the reverb, otherwise c is the clean dark ^ ^
The sound is saturated fat and powerful, but cold enough (compared to the JVM410H I use on stage and by repeating.

I play with
EC1000 with my SD (Seymour duncan) LTD, it goes very well :)
Wah KH (Kirk Hammett because I love
Ibanez Chorus pedal to enrich the sound clean

The popping sound is the obvious quality of this head. It really hard.
The clean is rather "neutral"


After 2 and a half years of use (intense the first year), I had to reseal some welds by a specialist (after net stop at scales of a concert).
Because it cools my recent stuff, bought Used and guaranteed. Since then, nothing to report.
It sounds strong and big, it has a certain look.
The "W" is useful if we can not play at high volume.
I recommend this choice taking into account the price / quality ratio.
It is a top choice for first head lamps. I do not think it takes long term. A review in 10 years!

Abelkain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bugera 333XL
- Head tube amp
- Power: 120 Watts
- 3 independent channels
- Preamp tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 1X12AX7B, 2X12AX7C
- Lamps amplifier: 4 x 6L6GC, 4 EL34
- Canal clean, crunch and lead
- 3 3-band EQ
- Effects loop with volume send / return
- Line out with level control
- Output Impedance: 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
- Noise Gate Reverb + + control of presence
- Crankset provided: clean - crunch - drive - boost / effects loop

The input connector is common to low / high, send and return back with volume control (very good idea to boost the effects or the solos there is nothing connecting them), a line out with volume knob (a mega good idea too ) and taking "mini midi" for the pedals, to be honest I do not know how is called this record is like the old forms of PC keyboard?? What idea have pasted is kind of connection ...

Namely it is possible not to put the reverb on all channels and vice versa, because this one keeps in mind as it is on if it was that triggered it or not (still a good idea).

He really deserves a good grade on these points, I see nothing wrong apart from the connection of the pedals.


The config is super simple, I never opened the manual (so I can not tell you if it is clear), I come for the sounds:

Sound clear:
It is "safe" if indeed we do not play with mikes assets, the better it's simple or split, as it too falls in, it lacks texture, depth and finesse to my taste for my part I use a JC 120 for clean sounds, so it's hard to do better, and this is not the primary usage you tell me ... We will say that it is exploitable and with a little research is correct. (The 6262 vintage is therefore a most beautiful clear)

The Crunch:
Fucking cheerleaders, it's true that it does not sound great vintage but there's a huge presence, I was surprised because even for rhythmic métalliennes it like a road once the boost XL engaged, if we do put no one is bluesy with gain settings from 1 to 3 after it passes to come to hard rock 80's that I love so much, if we add the fact that equalization is very good (we hear the differences between Bass has 5 or 5.1, really amazing), we have a channel with possibilities really extensive and far more versatile than a crunch amp has vintage.

Fucking double slap, not only because it sounds modern (that's what I was looking for), but I screwed up the stack to my buddy and his Mesa Single Rectifier Solo 50w, because in addition to having a pallet gain wider I have more power, more than one channel, noise gate, reverb, and incorporated a price less than 4 times, ok its clear sound is much better (but less than my AD 120) but side disto AND crunch I do not suffer from the comparison. I hear crying crazy here, but I swear it's true, this amp really has a grain and a precision staff any event, those who do not we tried really miss something, I'm personally B7 M3 T6 put the gain was 7.5 (not even require the user to initiate XL), one can type in anything that is now passing through the same old stuff Talloch style 'megadeth etc ... It is violent, with accurate real texture, if the glue has a good style cabinet mesa or good bill I challenge anyone to find that the sound coming out of a creature is less than 600 Euros (see 534th on the sales site coresponds not) ...

For the reverb should not exceed 6 after it becomes less and pretty rough, the better to put one through the external effects loop (I have a personal POD X3 Live for effects).

For the noise gate he met his fontion really was the same as its a 0 to 10 with the same sustain it is much less invasive than a hush or NS who tend to stuff yourself is important settings.

I'm a boring of clean and reverb, so I note down a bit.


For all his stated above, for what I put into it is a scratch mikes are active (EMG 81, 85, 60) or high output level in general (but when is splittable liabilities) the sounds of my corny is not distorted, and view the equalizer reacts like clockwork it's nice to spend time on the machine to find the best fit which grain has what scrapes.

To see how it goes against aging??

I do not see what there would be negative level sounds, except that it is really modern type, that is me what I wanted my story to the taste of his day and spent no more for an old fart ...


I played everything on it must exist side amp, either on stage or in repeats (20 years of fucking Ziqui that dates me), and the 333 XL is a really good amp, to my taste it is the battery is all that is Marshall / Fender distal side, these are outdated, expensive and next to the plate in recent years. We must be honest it was not a side MESA Labog or electronic or finish, but we're talking about an amp is less than 600 that has changed the face and the lamps that it does not cost a kidney or contrary to a RoadKing Another monster eats up the tube like that.
I think it's a good compromise for all the light and I find the value for money more than reasonable for those who love vintage I recommend trying the 6262 or 1900, I am really interested in this brand I had some good surprises on the sounds, check out these bugs before making a loan over 30 years for an amp, at worst you will not like at best you'll make a good deal ...
I stop the good we'll believe that I work for Beringher.

I stick an 8 for the overall reverb sound clear and the pedal is lowered all over this review I wanted vrament support its qualities rather than its flaws.

Small rant: Enough 's enough to be mistaken for cows milk, it makes us pay a 3000 Euro amp with two channels that stink ass controller with a footswitch has two buttons and a connector was shot twice but if not must pay Mr. Baba has the Petrucci sound cheap = not well see ... And then add me and want a scraper to 4000 so I just won the lottery so I'd play faster ... Dec was not without its not a guitar hero, because we use the stuff you pay the guy for him to say that this is in addition to the guy he has two racks of two meters filled with high material prices retreat out of the sound of the amp so in my opinion even on a 2X1 Watt Stagg amp the guy he's a killer ... The Zique going increasingly to the pecuniary bidding, drop your preconceived gentlemen and make new confidence in the system D in your ears and your hands it's just that the sound ...