Orange Dual Terror
Orange Dual Terror

Dual Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

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iamqman's review"Not bad"

Orange Dual Terror
This is a great little amp but it is made in China which is a big let down. Well this amp is the two channel version of the regular tiny terror. You get the same tone and everything but just an added channel.

For the size of a lunch box this little amp pacts quite a kick to it. This amp looks like something you would walk to school with and be carrying your peanut butter sandwich in. Orange has taken such a small but positive approach to lunch box style amplifiers. There seems to be a trend going on with manufacturers hitting a market that seems like a good entry way into their flagship amplifiers.

The amp has that familiar British grind that you found in the 60's and 70's went they were the leaders in getting high gain sustain from their guitar rigs. This little box does what a full stack can do in a pint size proportion. It sounds fantastic and gets chewier and smoother as you hit it harder with more volume.

Orange Amps Dual Terror 30-watt Guitar Amp Head Features:

Controls: Independent Volume, Tone and Gain for each channel.
Power Switch
Output valve switch.
1.5mm Zintec Chassis with steel vented top case
Padded Gig Bag included
Output: 30, 15, 7 watts (switchable)
Tubes: Preamp: 4 x ECC83. Output: 4 x EL84


Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Power 30W
No Effects
No Reverb
EQ Tone control per channel
No Amp Modeling
Number of Tubes 8
Preamp Tubes 4 x ECC83
Power Tubes 4 x EL84
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 3 x TS
Footswitch I/O
No Effects Loop
Height 7.5"
Width 14.5"
Depth 6"
Weight 22 lbs.


Though the Orange amps have a familiar British flavor to them I think that anyone would be surprised at how big and bold the tone is from this small box. Though is is rated at only 15 watts it gets quite loud and will accompany most small clubs or gigging situations quite nicely. Is sounds as huge tonal wise as any of the larger more frequented amps that Orange makes. With the adds second channel you can get a good clean tone and switch over to the distortion channel.

Try this guitar out with a Les Paul and you be pleasantly surprised out how meaty the tone is from simply a Gain, Tone, and Volume knob. This thing can be dropped down to a 7 watt operation for home use or even recording. It sounds great in either setting you have.


At new these amps come in at around $899. Sort of expensive for a China amp in my opinion. I would recommend getting a Peavey made in the US before spending the money on this amp. If you save a few hundred more you can get a real Orange amp made in the UK.

tremonti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An almost flawless!"

Orange Dual Terror
Amp head with 2 channels of 30 watts (7w and 15w in splittable I will return) tube (EL84).
3 knobs: gain, volume and tone.
A stand-by, a channel selector.
No effects loop (too bad but consistent with the spirit purely vintage).


Configuration could not be more simple, no need for manual: one branch is allowed to warm up and we play!
The sound is right there, just have to equalize with the "Tone" to go to a more matte over glossy.


Then I put 9 because perfection is not of this world but when it's the sound you want that say?
The rock his 60's, 70's, in this little box are hidden the Who, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and others ...
Not for clean sounds fenderiens but I love this warm sound, not for the metal even with a boost or overdrive an upstream one can approximate these sounds there, not for the shoegaze (then I say m of ...) because no loop to insert your delays, reverbs etc ...
One must consider the amp for what it is, namely a box overdrive!
The ideal is a guitar, a cable and direct in the amp! Therefore to you its the blues, rock, hard rock based guitar course.
With the Flying V I quietly from blues to hard with the knobs on the guitar, while with my Strat copy (Tokai Goldstar) I'll get sound on the edge of overdrive Hendrixiens crunch up, the big blues.
The Dual Terror has no apparent many settings, provided it is possible to draw a lot of different sounds ace: from 4 to 2 tubes (switch back) or 30 to 15w and you play on power, dynamics and fullness of sound. Therefore you will realize that the beast turns into a very versatile style "rock" at large and by switching from one channel to another you can spend a warm and clear channel for the funk to a channel "big overdrive" for the Gun's and others.
Again with a boost, overdrive, equalizer upstream, the range widens.


I use it for over a year now and I do not regret my purchase.
I had the Tiny Terror before and I wanted to take advantage of this to its greater volume and switch between two channels, one clear and one overdrive.
In exceptional portability (7kg if I remember correctly) with its cover I can take it anywhere. 15 or 30 watts requisitioned ', 7w at home (although careful when going from 30 to 15w sound is not divided by 2, it is reduced, the texture changes but not as drastically as expected), it I use as a distortion box live (I spend a Peavey head for clean sounds to DT for overdrive with a A / B box), amp requisitioned 'in the studio and working at home.
Shame about the effects loop (especially in Orange has a Dark on Terror even if it's true that it's not quite the same philosophy ...) but it is I think the only regret I could have both the gear I like.
If you love vintage and rock sounds rather rough around the edges, do not hesitate!
el hombrecito02/01/2011

el hombrecito's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good amp but ..."

Orange Dual Terror
Amplifiers Class A 30 watt lamps. Level connection is nothing more basic "Input", "Foot Switch", and two outputs 8ohms and 16ohms
Effects?, What effects?


Can no longer simple: Gain / Tone / Volume and two different switches to switch to 30/15/7 watts
It is in the range of Plug & Play "no need to touch a 35 buttons to get a good sound, you can go from a clean sound has a more than correct his wish was crunchy.
The manual? Not even need my 4 year nephew arrives at settlement.


So I play a pumped on grunge bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pixies, Sonic Youth etc. ...
I play on a Squier Telecaster custom fitted with two seymour duncan (Phat Cat and SH5) and I must admit that the sound suits me perfectly, despite a perfect time distortion. I also play on Ibanez JTK and there I was totally amazed by the sound it has reached out. I do not put any effect on the amp, although I think investing a little reverb.
I play on the clean channel Tiny, we say the middle volume, and the tone with the gain set to a quarter. When the channel is the reverse Fat I push the gain near maximum volume through the quarter with the tone in the middle.
Actually I pushed the buttons a little in every sense and I have not yet found a sound that I dislike?


I use it now since the beginning of the month and I'm not disappointed, the price / quality ratio is excellent. I had the opportunity to try a home Marshall JCM900 and a Blackheart 50 watt All Tube. And I confess that far outperforms the Dual. However, the sound tends to be somewhat shy and very quickly becomes crunchy clean if we push the watts. Attention has therefore those seeking crystal clear fender, where a distortion worthy of the old Marshall amps.
The Dual Terror is more like a big distortion pedal.
That said I would do without this choice problem and therefore has advised those looking for a head lamps all (well all lamps on paper) for a price not too excessive.

Pettigrew's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Terror of Brit Rock ... but Made in China"

Orange Dual Terror
Head amp 30W (Pramper: 4 x ECC83. Power: 4 x EL84), operating in class A. A switch to the rear the beast means that only two lamps in Pramper 4 ', so to play in 15W. Another switch in the facade can "divide" the power by 2, so the amp can dlivrer 30W, 15W, 7.5W. In practice, my personal opinion is that it plays more the texture of the sound on the volume.
You can find the rear a socket for a footswitch (not included) and 3 outlets to plug in a cab (8ohms twice and one of 16)
No effects loop, no rverbe, taking guitar facade and go.
Ct rglages is very minimalist: Two channels, one channel and a Tiny Terror Fat Channel dlivrant sound fatter, more than his little brother pais. Both channels have their own equalizer: Tone, Volume, Gain. Nothing complicated is connected and ringing.


The setup is ultra-simple and the result is right now. No need manual for a.
Dual Terror is not a versatile amp, but if it was knowingly bought, so we can only worship him. It is for me a very good amp for its Brit-rock of the 70's.


I play in a rock band, pop-rock, and the Dual Terror is like a fish in water. Branch office in Orange ppc212, I use it with very little effect: a CryBaby CGB-595, a Boss TU-2 tuner, a BBE Sonic Stomp, and an Electro-Harmonix LPB1.
I wanted for myself and the band sound very typ English rock of the 70's, a distortion and a bit grainy crunch sharp cutting: To do the Dual Terror is the ideal amp. The sound palette is very clear sounds correct (even if it is not his strong point), fairly round, through the crunch really excellent and very good overdrives a little fuzz. Players of metal, go your way. The absence of the medium rather potentiomtre rglant prevents digging the sound for the metal. Or so we add a pedal for a.
I play on a Total Natural Indie, and this guitar with the dual crunch of Terror gives me really amazing. We immediately want to throw an old riff from Led Zep!


I use it for a year now, and I hesitating buying with an Orange AD30, dearest! The price made me opt for a Dual Terror choices I reconsidrerai today. Not for her, but for the quality workmanship & finish.
What I like most? Subject to technical know what you will, the Dual Terror may be the ideal amp. This is absolutely not a versatile amp, but what he does he does very well. For the Brit-rock of the 70's, is one of the best a fair price for a head lamp. The absence of effects loop does not hinder me too, I'm not a fanatic effects excess, and the amp as a state of mind rather vintage, and the loop rverbe I do not miss.
Even when a large BMOL: a head lamp Orange all below 1000 is necessarly manufactures in Asia. I find that lamps produce a lot of breath when strength really about winning. The welds are not very good quality also. I did it and resolder rewired by hand. This amp is its return deuxime workshop in one year. The first time to weld and therefore dfectueuses deuxime time, two power tubes HS! The Made in China, even with a specification Orange does not work miracles ...
Asian manufacturing makes me so hesitating. If I were to buy today, knowing I will say no and a few hundred dollars more to go a head AD30. Sounds and a state of mind quite similar, with more consquente equalizer, and a manufacturing irreproachable. But this dual Terror, what amp all the same!
Conclusion: Good sound quality but a little lgre, o my distrust No new heads for the Orange as the Thunder 30, which feels the full nose made in china!

tagnarock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Dual Terror
As mentioned before:
Tube amp, 30 watts
Two channels: Tiny Terror and channel fat
The only criticism one can make him is the lack of an effects loop for a head .. but at this price it's almost understandable ..


Configuration could not be more simple, 3 channel settings: volume, tone and gain.
No need to fiddle with 10 hours to resolve the beast, one is in the field of Plug'n Play: no need for manual actually ..
Note that you can switch between 7/15/30 watts, making it usable in flat head, repeating, like a medium-sized room.


The head is surprisingly versatile enough. Everything depends on the guitar that you plug into it: For my part with a stratum, we get the typical sound orange is rock, you can even push up hard rock.

The advantage of dual terror compared to the tiny, resides in its 30 watts, we can get a real clean, has adequate volume, warm, well rounded.

Channel fat, it is basically the same as the tiny, and more "rich", more "beefy".

With a guitar fitted with EMG active, you can even tease the sounds of metal, once the gain pushed above 3 quarters.
the sound of the fat is then more suitable for the more muscular.


I use this head for almost a year, and I do not think it qualities.
I had tried many other amps before, but for the price, I think it is hard to beat.
Remains that small flaw: the absence of effects loop, which is forgivable.

I would do without hesitation that choice:)

werty1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Dual Terror
Dual Terror is a 2-channel amplifier of type Class A.
It benefits from 4 lamps to the ECC83 preamp and 4 EL34 tubes for power.
The power of the amplifier is splittable into 7, 15 or 30 watts.
It y '3 speaker outputs, two 8 ohm and 1 of 16 ohm. A jack for the channel switcher and channel Tiny Fat.
There is no effects loop.
It is manufactured in China.


The configuration of the amplifier could not be simpler, for each of the two channels we have 3 pots, gain, tone and volume.
To this is added, slamming the big switch.
The former are on the front. From left to right we have the classic "On / Off" switch comes after "Full (15 or 30 watts) / Standby / Half (7 or 15 watts)" Then, at the extreme right of the head we the selector of channels and finally on the back of the head we have a switch that activates either 2 or 4 power tubes.

The manual does not exist, but frankly not necessary, here we are in the category plug and play, you plug it plays, it sounds!

And little more Gig Bag, super convenient!


I play in Group Power Rock, the dual feel so "at home"
I think for the blues, and jazz, it can do so, the amp is very versatile, I even want to test it in my group of brutal death with a guitar emg if granted, I think that can give something interesting.

Let's go to my current setup:

Fender Telecaster Baja config Seymour STK3 + Electro Harmonix Black Finger Terror 4 + Dual x12 Hughes and Kettner with Celestion V30

Tiny on channel:

Well, it's tiny and better, as the amp is more powerful, was more reserved before cruncher, you can claim a real clear sound at high volume.
It's warm, round and very dynamic, the receiver reacts hugely to attack, I love it!
However, a lover of Fender change its crystalline way.
For the rest, you refer to the opinions of Tiny Terror!

Fat on the channel:

So the tiny boost, I personally do not like the turn that takes the distortion after 14h on Knob gain, the sound gets pretty messy, but it is a matter of perspective, if you like distos type fuzz, I think you'll like it.
For my part, as I said above I use it set to 14h, it gives us approximately the distortion found on the tiny channel when pushed to the bottom with a little more body.
For solos, I slightly inflated my sound with a compressor Electroharmonix black finger, and there, with dose sustain more, it's totally magical!


I use it now for 1 week.
I played a lot of time on high gain amps (Marshall JCM 2000, Peavey 5150, ENGL Powerball), I wanted to return to a more "roots" more rock with a more limited power to qualify for the potato from the lamps.
Until now the style amps Tiny Terror, Night Train, Rebel 20, does not allow for a real clean sound at high volume and well with the Dual and the 30 watts is now possible.

The absence of effects loop, yet does not bother me more than that, but when I think about investing in a real delay pedal, certainly I will bring the head in a tech to do the edit.

I find excellent value for money, 622 euros in general for an amp of this quality, do not hesitate!

I do not have enough perspective on the product to say whether I would do this choice, but what is certain is that it suits me perfectly for the moment.

tringbal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Dual Terror