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Tube Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Hiwatt T20 Head

    Hiwatt T20 Head - "Carve your own sound!!"


    An excellent amp with a clean, very versatile sound. The settings (and especially the EQ) allow you to really carve your very own sound. However, it’s not a channel strip and the amp still has its own sonic identity. True to Hiwatt’s reputation, it...

  • Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head

    Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head - "Simply the best"


    There is nothing I can say to render the true beauty, excellence, sweetness, power, subtlety, tonal richness, punch and everything else of this amp. First impression: it is built like a tank, has as much knobs as a Boieng 777 (actually, it has proba...

  • PuroMojo Plexinho

    PuroMojo Plexinho - "Tiny and loud tube amp for home pratice or band rehearsals"


    This tiny amp is only 1W. Don't be fooled. 1W is not 100 times quieter than a 100W amp. 1W tube amps sound loud, and you still can play within a band with this amp. For a home pratice purpose, this amp is switchable to 0.1W, and u still get the...

  • Rockitt Retro 50

    Rockitt Retro 50 - "Ain't nobody had time for that"


    The Rockitt Retro 50 is a 50W tube amp, handmade in the USA by Kevin Heidbreder in the Saint-Louis area. This is a 50w head, reissue of the plexi JMP 50w, wants himself to be as near as possible to the original. The onboard tubes are EL34 JJ Tesla...

  • Victory Amps V30 The Countess

    Victory Amps V30 The Countess - "A really great lunchbox amp !"


    Specifications : - Power level : 30 / 15 / 9 / 2W - Tubes : 4x 12AX7, 2x 6L6 (can be switched to EL34) & single-ended mode - 6L6 / EL34 (re-bias) - 2 channels - 4-8-16 ohm outputs - FX loop I had this gem for Christmas in 2015, I’ve use ...

  • ENGL E650 Ritchie Blackmore Signature Head

    ENGL E650 Ritchie Blackmore Signature Head - "THE tone machine"


    When I purchased this head, I had been looking for a high gain, metal-capable amplifier. I had my aim on an ENGL head due to a previous experience with a Powerball. I had no memmory of how it sounded, only that it roared, so I wanted one. Then I stum...

  • Randall RD45H

    Randall RD45H - "A good, metal-friendly amp at reasonable price"


    I’ve owned this amp for about one year. I took it with me on approximately 15 live performances and 2 days in the studio. Plus of course rehearsal, once to twice a week. Stylewise, I’ve mostly used it for stoner rock, ala Orange Goblin or Down (go...

  • naylor Duel 60

    naylor Duel 60 - "An exceptional amp !" has images


    INTRODUCTION A 60-watt, all-tube amp head with 2x5881 & 4x12AX7. 2 channels (clean & dirty) with independent gain settings and general volume knob. Common EQ, presence & FX loop. Built point-to-point in Dallas, Texas, with a classy original l...

  • Orange Tiny Terror

    Orange Tiny Terror - "Nice Piece"


    - Used at home and on stage, - almost too powerful for home usage unless you want to fry your neighbors - deliver a powerful organic sound that can get dirty quite quickly - Heavy and robust - Nothing fancy with it, Gain , master bass and treble...

  • Mesa Boogie Mark Five: 35 Head

    Mesa Boogie Mark Five: 35 Head - "A new Mesa - The sound and more important, the functions of this amp are just about perfect. "


    I had a rect-o-verb 50. It had outstanding sound quality. But I needed some serious downsizing and this seemed to fit the equation. It's the head version on a 2x12 cab. Light, small and packs a BIG punch. It is a new amp for me. The cleans are cris...